PACE Competition

Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education (PACE) is a program linking industry with strategically selected academic institutions worldwide—including Michigan Tech—with the goal of developing the automotive product lifecycle management (PLM) team of the future. PACE’s definition of PLM is an integrated engineering approach to all aspects of a product's life—from its design inception, through its manufacture, marketing, distribution and maintenance, and finally into its recycling and disposal. Industry partners of PACE include GM, Autodesk, HP, Oracle, and Siemens.

Michigan Tech participates in the PACE Engineering Design Competition. Eight first-year student teams are selected annually from the Engineering Modeling and Design course (ENG1102) to present their design projects to a panel of judges appointed by the University, including representation from industry. The projects are judged by the following criteria: form, fit, function, presentation, and teamwork/collaboration. Project presentations are broadcast in real-time via the Internet. Students benefit from working on a team, using high-tech tools, interacting with industry partners, and communicating their projects. Past projects include a robotic vehicle, portable microbrewery, and alternative energy from solar and wind power.