Research Groups and Facilities

In the ESC, a variety of collaborative groups and teams arise around research projects and shared interests. However, there are a few entities that are more concrete that are part of or allied with the ESC.

  • Wood Protection Group - The WPG is an International Accreditation Service (IAS) accredited university research group conducting wood durability field and laboratory testing.
  • Genetics and Genomics Group - This is an informal group of researchers at Michigan Tech focused on genetic and genomics related science. Find out more at the Genetics and Genomics Group page. 
  • Isle Royale Institute - In partnership with Isle Royale National Park, IRI offers education and collaborative research to teachers, students, and researchers.  Find out more at the IRI page.
  • Ecological Restoration Hub - The ERH builds transdisciplinary collaborations to advance ecological restoration, remediation, and sustainable ecosystem management across natural, urban, and post-industrial landscapes.
  • Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science - NIACS develops synthesis products, fosters communication, and pursues science in climate change and carbon cycling and management.

Shared Facilities

MTU provides a number of shared facilities for use by MTU students and faculty, researchers at other institutions, government, and industry partners. Shared facilities may charge use fees related to a specific piece of equipment in accordance with University policy 2.01 Special Fees and Use Charges.