Distinguished Ecologist Lecture Series

Teaching outdoors

For over 20 years the ESC has hosted prominent ecologists every fall as part of our Distinguished Ecologist Lecture Series (DELS). The series invites scientists from across the spectrum of socio-ecological research to help inspire cross-disciplinary studies on a variety of systems. The visits typically involve a two-day stay with a seminar open to all interested students, faculty and staff across campus and meetings with students, interested faculty, and research staff, along with social events.

DELS Presenter History


Dr. Bette Loiselle, University of Florida
Dr. Ashley Shade, National Centre for Scientific Research (France)


Dr. Sharon Hall, Arizona State University
Dr. Erik Lilleskov, USDA Forest Service
Dr. Marc Cadotte, University of Toronto Scarborough


Dr. Elizabeth Borer, University of Minnesota
Dr. Sybil Seitzinger, University of Victoria (British Columbia, CA)
Dr. Dave Kelly, Canterbury University (Christchurch, NZ)


Dr. Julie Lockwood, Rutgers
Dr. Crid Fraser, University of Otago, New Zealand
Dr. Serita Frey , University of New Hampshire


Dr. Ann Bartuska, USDA Forest Service, 
Dr. Merritt Turetsky, University of Guelph
Dr. Dianne McKnight, University of Colorado - Boulder


Dr. Kurt Fausch, Colorado State
Dr. Kathleen Weathers, Cary Institute
Dr. Jiquan Chen, Michigan State University


Dr. Joel Berger, Colorado State
Dr. Michelle Mack, N. Arizona University
Dr. Scott Saleska, U of Arizona


Dr. Scott Saleska, University of Arizona
Dr. Michelle Mack, N. Arizona University
Dr. Joshua Shimel, University of California - Santa Barbara


Dr. J. Drew Lanham, Clemson Umiversity
Dr. Jerry F. Franklin, U of Washington
Dr. Michelle Mack, Northern Arizona University


Dr. Ariel Lugo, International Institute of Tropical Forestry USDA Forest Service
Dr. Leena Finér, University of Helsinki
Dr. James Gibbs, State University of New York 


Dr. Katherine Gross, Michigan State University
Dr. Gary Mittelbach, Michigan State University
Dr. Amanda Rodewald, Cornell University
Dr. Jonathan Cole, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies


Dr. Steven Running, University of Montana
Dr. Mary Eleanor Power, University of California Berkeley
Dr. Dan Binkley, Colorado State University
Dr. Richard Norby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Dr. Peter Hogberg, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Dr. Harri Vassander, University of Helsinki
Dr. Stan Temple, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Dr. Oswald J. Schmitz, Yale University
Dr. Virginia Dale, University of Tennessee


Dr. Cindy Prescott, University of British Columbia
Dr. Per Angelstam, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Dr. Susan Stout, USDA Forest Service
Dr. David Mladenoff, University of Wisconsin
Dr. Knute Nadelhoffer, University of Michigan


Dr. Randy Schaetzl, Michigan State University
Dr. Alison Brody, University of Vermont
Dr Aaron Ellison, Harvard University


Dr. Jennifer Harden, US Geological Survey
Dr. Elizabeth Losos, Duke University
Dr. Paul Beier, Northern Arizona University


Dr. Svata Louda, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Dr. Richard Mack, Washington State University
Dr. Julio Betancourt, US Geological Survey


Dr. Carolyn Bledsoe, University of California - Davis
Dr. Rick Lindroth, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Dr. Sarah Hobbie, University of Minnesota


Dr. Mike Ryan, USDA Forest Service
Dr. James Tiedja, Michigan State University
Dr. Joy Zedler, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Dr. Sam McNaughton, Syracuse University


Dr. Peter B. Reich, University of Minnesota
Dr. Bob Naiman, University of Washington
Dr. Rob Jackson, Duke University


Dr. Gary King, University of Maine
Dr. David Read, University of Sheffield
Dr. Dan Binkley, Colorado State University