• Shankaransh Srivastava

    Healthy Living, Happy Living

    Durgapur sits on the eastern side of the West Bengal state, not too far from the border with Bangladesh. Here in this floodplain of the Bengal River, Shankaransh Srivastava is putting his marketing and engineering knowledge to use. Not in the ascending office towers or thriving industry in this half-century-old city, but rather in the importance of sanitation, of practices and hazards and protocol for using the flowing Bengal as a source of life rather than as a danger to it. Shankaransh Srivastava can’t change an entire nation of a billion citizens all at once. But he can make a difference in one place right now. The biggest challenge he sees for Indian citizens in the eastern state of West Bengal is something we might think as obvious: simple sanitation knowledge can go a long way to building healthy, happy lives.

On the cover: Making a difference isn’t just an ideal for Shankaransh Srivastava: it’s a mission he lives every day.

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