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Welcome to the new Impact.

Businesses never sit still, rest on their laurels. They evolve, they adapt, they react, and they innovate. Publications on business and business education should be no different.

Welcome to the new Impact.

The articles in this issue show how business and technology are such close partners, and how the globalized economy has made the business world smaller than ever. But it is also filled with possibility and opportunity. This is the real story of business and economics education at Michigan Tech.

Dean Eugene Klippel
Dean Eugene Klippel

Bold Sandagdorj spoke with us between meetings with government officials in Mongolia. The Bank of Mongolia chief economist is guiding economic policy as his nation embarks on the rapid development of mineral deposits, greatly increasing GDP and standards of living.

JoAnn Heck also stands at this confluence of economy and technology, but instead of raw minerals, she works with the finished product. As director of consumer and market insights at Chrysler Group LLC, she knows what it’s like to invent the future, read the market, and take the next step in innovation.

The crisis in the eurozone has raised a lot of questions about economic integration and the tools available to manage public debt. With opinions ranging far and wide on how to handle the debt-fueled debacle, School of Business and Economics faculty, as well as experts from around the world, weigh in on the situation and the lessons we can learn integrating currencies and markets.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."Alan Kay, Computer Scientist and Innovator

Hard decisions, bold action. That is reality in the School of Business and Economics. That is what we invent by merging business and technology. That is the edge every business strives to grasp. That is the advantage we seek for our students as they create the future.

And that is where we, as business professionals, as educators, as humans, make an impact.

R. Eugene Klippel

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