Dallas Bond abroad
"My experience gave me the confidence to believe that I have the ability to accomplish anything—a goal, a dream, or in my career."

From the Portage canal to Prague, Michigan Tech student Dallas Bond shares his story from the world abroad.

He grew up with Michigan Tech practically in his backyard and with two older sisters enrolled, it made sense for Dallas Bond to study finance and global business at the School of Business and Economics. Yet he never imagined the school in his backyard would lead to an international adventure.

Dallas seized an opportunity to study abroad in the Czech Republic where his family has roots—he hadn’t had the opportunity to travel growing up, so the idea of studying at the University of Economics in Prague left him feeling both nervous and excited.

Surrounded by warmth and welcomed everywhere he visited, Dallas immediately felt at home. He took advantage of the fact that he was right in the middle of Europe and made time to explore other nearby countries, including Italy and Austria.

Dallas is grateful for the opportunity to immerse himself in a different culture, learn a new language, and have the chance to see how other people live. “Studying abroad gave me a perspective in life that I don’t think I would have gained otherwise,” he says. “The whole experience helped me grow and mature.”

Darnishia Slade, director of international programs and services, believes studying abroad provides skills employers are looking for. “Students return from their experiences with improved communication skills, problem-solving, thinking adapting and being flexible,” she says. “Studying abroad is a beneficial experience for any student, regardless of their area.”

Dallas sees this growth in himself after his time in Prague. “My experience gave me the confidence to believe that I have the ability to accomplish anything—a goal, a dream, or in my career,” he says.

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