Chapter 12—Miscellaneous

Effective Date: 2/26/2016

SEC. 12.1 Short Title

This ordinance shall be known and cited as the traffic ordinance.

SEC. 12.2 Rules and Regulations

The various sections of this ordinance shall also be deemed to be rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees of Michigan Technological University within the meaning of Public Act 80 of 1905 as amended.

SEC. 12.3 Other Applicable Laws

Nothing contained in this ordinance is intended to limit the power of any governmental unit or law-enforcement agency to enforce on Michigan Technological University property any laws, ordinances, or regulations which otherwise would be enforceable on such property.

SEC. 12.4 Effect of Ordinance, Severability

If any part or parts of this ordinance are for any reason held to be invalid or unconstitutional, such decision shall not affect the validity or constitutionality of the remaining portions of this ordinance. The Michigan Technological University Board of Trustees does hereby declare that it would have passed this ordinance and each part or parts thereof, irrespective of the fact that any one part or parts be declared invalid or unconstitutional.

SEC 12.5 Powers of President to Assign Authority

Any power granted by the Board of Trustees in this ordinance to any University officer or employee may be assigned by the President of the University to any other officer or employee of the University, but with notice to the Board of Trustees required.


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