AFROTC Scholarships for High School Students

Air Force ROTC scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. High school students can apply online. Selection for scholarships is largely based on the needs of the Air Force and the following:

  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Class ranking
  • GPA
  • Advanced placement or honors courses completed through grade 11
  • School or community leadership involvement
  • Scholarship interview with an Air Force officer
  • Physical fitness test score
  • Anticipated college major

Note: Being awarded a scholarship while in high school is not a prerequisite for entry into the ROTC program. Most ROTC cadets do not start the program with a high school scholarship. These students can compete for an in-college scholarship (pending availability of funds). Selection for these scholarships is also competitive and is based on overall performance.

Students studying engineering, math, computer science, and certain physical sciences greatly increase their odds of receiving a scholarship.

For more information on scholarships, contact Detachment 400 or visit the US Air Force ROTC high school scholarships website.

Michigan Tech Scholarships for ROTC Students

Michigan Tech offers room and board scholarships to high school students who have received AFROTC scholarships. Room and board scholarships are limited in number, are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and are given for the length of the program.

Michigan Tech now offers all Out-of-State Scholarship awardees (Tuition capped at in-state rate) and contracted non-scholarship cadets (AS300 and above) a Diversity Incentive Grant, allowing non-Michigan residents to attend MTU at the In-State rate!

Visit the Michigan Tech Admissions scholarship page for additional information regarding university specific scholarship opportunities.