Commissioning Program

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is an in-college, officer-commissioning program that adds a layer of military training to your education. Upon successful completion of the AFROTC training program and receipt of at least a bachelor's degree, you will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Once on active duty, you will receive specialized training in a career field.

The AFROTC, an academic department at over 1,100 civilian colleges and universities, is one of three commissioning sources for the United States Air Force, along with the Academy and Officer Training School. Cadets take ROTC classes in addition to their normal degree course work.

Watch Spring 2019 - ROTC Commissioning video
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Spring 2019 - ROTC Commissioning

What Makes an Officer?

Held by 20 percent of the Air Force.

  • Presidential commission via ROTC, Officer Training School, or a service academy
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Training to lead, supervise, manage, and become policy/decision makers
  • Consideration for a flight career (Only officers can become pilots, and candidate selection takes place in the spring prior to graduation.)
  • Higher standards of conduct on and off duty