Editorial and Graphic Design

Types of Publications

Our designers and editors work side-by-side to produce a variety of print publications—brochures, posters, annual reports, unique direct mail pieces, and more. We strive to create pieces that are visually appealing, maintain a consistent University identity, and enhance your department’s reputation by effectively communicating to your audience.

UMC Writers: Beat System

Every UMC writer now has his or her own University news beat—a collection of campus departments and programs that he or she is solely responsible for. It’s a great method for keeping up to date on research projects, student success stories, and other newsworthy events happening at Michigan Tech. Plan on hearing from them often. And don’t be a stranger—be sure to give your contact a call when anything of interest pops up.

Meet the Designers

Michigan Tech’s visual identity is one of its strongest assets. UMC designers understand this. On projects ranging from advertisements to apparel, business cards to booklets, they use their creative expertise to create logos, layouts, and designs that are bold and captivating.

“How to” Publications Guide

How do I initiate a project? What information will you need from me? Do I provide my own photos? Don't fret; we're here to help. Initiating a project is as easy as 1-2-3 (plus 4 and 5)—read our handy "how to" guide and be a UMC publications pro.


Wondering how much UMC charges to design a booklet, brochure, or business card? Hint: it’s probably a lot less than you expect. Check out our pricing guide for the fees for many of our common projects and publications.