Unscripted: Science and Engineering Research

It was just a little bit, the primatologist said. But a little bit of cannibalism goes a long way in shaping headlines (and humans' views) of chimpanzee behavior.    Read More

By Allison Mills | Published

May the Forest Be With You

Research at Michigan Tech has branched out into forest biomaterials. Check out this video and see the forest bioeconomy for the trees. Read More

New Optics for Cell Dynamics

Anindya Majumdar, a doctoral student in biomedical engineering at Michigan Tech, lights up a new way to view biophysical systems. Read More

Earth Day 2017: Green Ways with LCAs

In his guest blog, David Shonnard, professor of chemical engineering and Robbins Chair in Sustainable Use of Materials, lays out one of the research tools he uses as director of the Sustainable Futures Institute. It's called a Life Cycle Assessment. Read More