Unscripted: Science and Engineering Research

Get advice from researchers on keeping your resolutions this year. Look past all the productivity and six-pack ab hype; this is how to dig deeper into committing.   Read More

By Allison Mills | Published

Be Aware: Cybersecurity

Remembering to lock your car door isn't enough to protect it entirely. With new digital interfaces—and that slick Bluetooth connection—cyber-physical systems like modern cars and smart grids are increasingly vulnerable. Read More

What's New on Campus

A new semester is underway, bringing with it new opportunities and new energy. Here are a few fresh ideas from the past month. Read More

Geoheritage: More than a Boulder

The rocks of the Keweenaw Peninsula are ancient and full of history. Most are more than one billion years old and hold one of the world's few native copper deposits. In their guest blog, part of a series on local geoheritage, Erika Vye and Bill Rose explain the importance of a single Copper Country boulder. Read More

Geoheritage: Stamping Through History

The rocks of the Keweenaw Peninsula are ancient: More than one billion years old, containing loads of native copper deposits. Mining them created a legacy seen throughout the region.   Read More

The Meta-View: Bioenergy Across the Americas

Not all of us can be scientists—but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate science. In #scicomm, non-sci creatives get a big picture, meta-view of the research process. Ben Jaszczak shares his observations on PIRE. Read More