Unscripted: Science and Engineering Research

Next week, people all over the Midwest will join discussions on what to do about climate change. Read More

By Allison Mills | Published

Pedal to the Metal

Our materials scientists engineered molybdenum disulfide to be three times more efficient than its semiconductor phase for dye-sensitized solar cells. Read More

TechTalks 2016: Take Two

Two slides at a time, our researchers share and connect with other faculty in under two minutes. The happy hour afterwards probably helps. Welcome to round two with 15 more researchers at the TechTalks. Read More

Daisy and the Engineers

A 10-year-old girl showed up a couple of our engineers in a classroom activity. Her story shows why creativity is to problem-solving as engagement is to STEM ed. Read More

TechTalks 2016: Take One

Two slides. Two Minutes. 13 researchers. We learned a lot in under a half hour at the university's first TechTalks, part of an ongoing series in the Michigan Tech Research Forum. Read More

To Grow a Chinese Elm

Tall, fast-growing, pollution and disease-resistant, with early and long-lasting leaves—this special elm cultivar is the ideal park tree. Read More