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6 hours ago - Finished yet? #summerreading #brainman @mtu_dos
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Yesterday - Mechanical Engineering Technology. Computer Network and System Administration. Electrical Engineering Technology. Construction Management. Surveying Engineering. Michigan Tech School of Technology prepares crazy smart students for successful careers in applied engineering.
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Yesterday - "Transportation and mobility needs are not limited to urban regions. We are proud to be one of three universities selected to serve rural areas of the US.” –Pasi Lautala, Director, Michigan Tech Transportation Institute 🚥⛽️🚍🚟🚞🚏 . . . . . #michigantech #innovationshore #BeyondTrafficInnovationCenter #whatdrivesus #cybersecurity #automatedvehicletechnologies #transportationanalysis #USDepartmentofTransportation
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Yesterday - During my junior year of high school I went on a mission trip to Haiti. I went there thinking I was going to become a pastor—I thought I was going to study theology. Once I got down there, I realized there was a need for doctors in third-world countries. The only doctor within four hours had people lined up to his clinic. The summer before my junior year I was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship to study liver fibrosis and try to identify it with mechanical testing. Spearheading my own research project was huge. Doing research without the steps laid out. That fall I applied for a Portage Health Foundation scholarship. They partnered with Pavlis Honors College-Michigan Technological University to offer a health scholars research award. And I got it. My research was funded for the year, which meant I didn’t need to get a part-time job, but even more than that, I got connected to research tools on campus, and transitioned from research in biomed to materials. Professor Pearce and I worked to identify malnutrition in children. We published a paper about a device called a middle-upper arm circumference band. We prototyped it. Tested it. Proved it worked. And for 2.3 cents, it can be 3-D printed anywhere in the world and hopefully change lives. Pretty cool. I’m going to University of Michigan Medical School. I had some tough decisions to make, but ultimately whenever I pictured myself going to medical school, I always envisioned U of M, even though I knew that was a lofty goal. I hope to pursue emergency medicine or go on to be some kind of a surgeon to be able to work with my hands. They offered me a full ride if I took a deferral year. It worked out perfectly because I actually need it—I’m trying to take time to slow my life down. I’m always moving at 120 miles an hour. At Tech, I conducted research. Ran on the track team. Served as a volunteer firefighter. Completed EMT training. And was involved in EMS, a 24-hour commitment. We saved my buddy’s dad out on the Tech Trails last year. Now I need to learn how to relax. The rigor I experienced here prepared me to get into medical school. I didn’t just learn about organic chemistry, I learned how to change lives; and how to save them. I got good at picking through dense literature to find what I needed. I learned how to learn at Michigan Tech, and that is a skill I will treasure for the rest of my life. I’d like to get back to a small community like Houghton eventually. You can’t beat the relationships you can build here. #mtuhumans