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"University Marketing and Communications is a great collaborative partner—from idea generation, to design and development. Michigan Tech Admissions is proud to partner with UMC on recruitment projects."

Allison Carter, Director of Admissions

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50 minutes ago - Constructed in 1904, it escaped demolition in the mid-1960s by nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. The suspended running track offers a clue about its former name. What was it? And what is it called now? #michigantech #campus #namethatbuilding #architecture #mtuhistory #campuslandmarks
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Yesterday - Join us for tours and open houses across campus. See labs and gardens. Visit with faculty and staff. Meet alumni and friends. Register for #mtureunion today!
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Yesterday - A program to educate high schoolers about forestry and natural resource management careers. A playground in the woods. A white oak to provide a shady spot for students to sit. A week remains for donations to the John H.F. Wheeler Memorial Fund Superior Ideas project. “It’s for the college kids to go to the high school and talk about [careers in forestry]. That was John’s idea,” says Bob Wheeler, John’s father. “He said that there should be more connection for natural resource education in the high school.” . . . . Terry Sharik, Dean of @MTUsfres matches the first $5,000. The project's goal: $35,000 for an endowed fund to provide financial awards to deserving SFRES students and support high school outreach. #michigantech #HuskyHeart #naturalresourcescareers #forestry #environmentalscience 📷Dan Haskell photo
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Sunday - Question: What's nerdy cool and crazy smart? Answer: Bob Evans ’07, who just set the new backwards joggling mile world record. 😎🥇