Faculty Publications

The faculty of the Department of Physics at Michigan Tech is at the forefront of advanced research in a multitude of physics disciplines. From atmospheric to materials to photonics, faculty members work on vexing problems in many different areas. Discover more about physics research at Michigan Tech below by browsing each faculty member's recent publications.

Donald R. Beck

  • “ Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Bound and Quasi-bound States of Ce−, ”, C. W. Walter, N. D. Gibson, Y. -G. Li, D. J. Matyas, R. M. Alton, S. E. Lou, R. L. Field III, D. Hanstorp, Lin Pan and Donald R. Beck, Phys. Rev. A 84, 032514 (2011). Read More
  • “ Improved RCI techniques for atomic 4fn excitation energies: application to Sm I 4f66s2 5DJ levels,”, Donald R. Beck and Steven M. O'Malley, J. Phys. B 43, 215003 (2010). Read More
  • “ Candidates for laser cooling of atomic anions: La− versus Os−,”, Lin Pan and Donald R. Beck, Phys. Rev. A 82, 014501 (2010). Read More
  • “Lifetimes and branching ratios of excited states in La−, Os−, Lu−, Lr−, and Pr−,”, Steven M. O’Malley and Donald R. Beck, Phys. Rev. A 81, 032503 (2010). Read More
  • “Improved RCI techniques for atomic 4fn excitation energies and polarizabilities,” Donald R. Beck and Lin Pan, J. Phys. B 43, 074009 (2010). Read More
  • “Calculations of Hf− electron affinity and photodetachment partial cross sections,”, Lin Pan and Donald R. Beck, J. Phys. B 43, 025002 (2010). Read More
  • “Valence calculations of actinide anion binding energies: all bound 7p and 7s attachments,”, Steven M. O’Malley and Donald R. Beck, Phys. Rev. A 80, 032514 (2009). Read More

Jacek Borysow

  • "Single Mode Tunable Ti:Sapphire Laser over a Wide Range of Frequency," B. Pati and J. Borysow, JOSA, Applied Optics 36, 9337 (1997).
  • "Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Detection of Lead on Concrete," A. Pakhomov, W. Nichols, and J. Borysow, Applied Spectroscopy 50, 880 (1996).
  • "Time Evolution of the Population Inversion between (A3-sigma-u+, v'') and (B3-Pi-g, v') States in the Positive Column of Nitrogen Pulsed Discharge," E. Augustyniak and J. Borysow, J. Phys. D: Applied Physics 28, 55 (1995).
  • "Dynamic of OH (X2-Pi, v=0) in High Energy Electrical Pulsed Corona Discharge," J. Phys. D: Applied Physics 28, 68 (1995).
  • "Long Range Tunable Diode Laser," S. Filimonov and J. Borysow, J. Opt. Soc. Am. Applied Optics 34, 438 (1995).
  • "Kinetics of (A3-sigma, v=0) State of N2 in the Near Afterglow of Nitrogen Pulsed Discharge," E. Augustyniak and J. Borysow, J. Phys. D: Applied Physics 27, 652 (1994).
  • "Temporal Evolution of the Vibrational Excitation within the X1-Sigma-g+ state of N2 in the Positive Column of a Pulsed Electric Discharge," A. Ershov, E. Augustyniak, and J. Borysow, Phys. Rev. A 50, 2341 (1994).

Will H. Cantrell

  • Ochshorn, E. and W. Cantrell. Ice nucleation on hydrophilic silicon, J. Chem. Phys., 128, 134701, 2008.
  • Kostinski, A. and W. Cantrell. Entropic aspects of supercooled droplet freezing, J. Atmos. Sci., 65, 2961-2971, 2008.
  • Cantrell, W., E. Ochshorn, A. Kostinski, and K. Bozin. The vapor pressure of supercooled water measured using infrared spectroscopy, J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 25, 1724-1729, 2008.
  • Cantrell, W. and C. Robinson. Heterogeneous freezing of ammonium sulfate and sodium chloride solutions by long chain alcohols. Geophys. Res. Lett., 33(7): Art. No. L07802, 2006.
  • Ochshorn, E. and W. Cantrell. Towards understanding ice nucleation by long chain alcohols, J. Chem Phys., 124(5): Art. No. 054714, 2006.
  • Cantrell, W. and A. Heymsfield. Production of ice in tropospheric clouds: A review. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 86, 795-807, 2005. Read More
  • Larsen, M., W. Cantrell, J. Kannosto, and A. Kostinski. Detection of spatial correlations among aerosol particles. Aerosol Sci. Technol., 37, 476-485, 2003.

Ramy El-Ganainy

  • R. El-Ganainy, K.G. Makris, A. Mohammed, and D.N. Christodoulides, “Discrete beam acceleration in uniform waveguide arrays”, Physical review A Volume: 84 Issue: 6,Number: 023842 (2011)
  • S. Juodkazis, L. Rosa, S. Bauerdick, L. Peto, R. El-Ganainy and S. John, “Sculpturing of photonic crystals by ion beam lithography: towards complete photonic bandgap at visible wavelengths” Optics express, 19, 5802 (2011).
  • R. El-Ganainy, D.N. Christodoulides, C.E. Ruter, D. Kip, “Resonant delocalization of light in periodically modulated Bloch lattices”, Optics letters, 36, 1464 (2011).
  • E. Greenfield, C. Rotschild, Y. Lamhot, A. Szameit, H.C. Gurgov, Y. Nemirovsky, M. Segev, R. El-Ganainy, D.N. Christodoulides, M. Saraf and E. Lifshitz, “Light-induced self-synchronizing flow patterns”, New Journal of Physics, 13, 053021 (2011).
  • K.G. Makris, R. El-Ganainy, D.N. Christodoulides Z.H. Musslimani, “PT-Symmetric Periodic Optical Potentials” International Journal of theoretical physics, 50, 1019 (2011)
  • C.E. Ruter, K.G. Makris, R. El-Ganainy, D.N. Christodoulides, M. Segev, D. Kip, “Observation of parity-time symmetry in optics”, Nature physics, Volume: 6 Issue: 3 Pages: 192-195 (2010)
  • K.G Makris, R. El-Ganainy, D.N. Christodoulides, Z.H. Musslimani, “PT-symmetric optical lattices”, Physical review A Volume: 81 Issue: 6,Number: 063807 (2010)

Petra H. Huentemeyer

  • "Indications of Proton-Dominated Cosmic-Ray Composition above 1.6 EeV" (with Abbasi et al.) , Physical Review Letters , Vol. 104, No. 161101 (2010).
  • "Milagro Observations of Multi-TeV Emission from Galactic Sources in the Fermi Bright Source List" (with Abdo et al.), The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 700, L127 (2009).
  • "HAWC Timing Calibration" (Huentemeyer, P. H., Matthews, J. A.J., Dingus, B. ), Proceedings of the 31st International Cosmic Ray Conference (2009)
  • "The Large-Scale Cosmic-Ray Anisotropy as Observed with Milagro" (with Abdo et al.), The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 698, 2121 (2009).
  • "A Measurement of the Spatial Distribution of Diffuse TeV Gamma-Ray Emission from the Galactic Plane with Milagro" (with Abdo et al.), The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 688, 1078 (2008).
  • "Air Fluorescence Measurements in the Spectral Range 300–400 nm Using a 28.5 GeV Electron Beam", Astroparticle Physics, Vol. 29, 77 (2008).
  • "An Upper Limit on the Electron-Neutrino Flux from the HiRes Detector" (with Abbasi et al.), The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 684, 790 (2008).

John A. Jaszczak

  • “Simulation of charge transport in multi-island tunneling devices: Application to disordered one-dimensional systems at low and high bias.” M. A. Savaikar, D. Banyai, P. L. Bergstrom, and J. A. Jaszczak. (2013) Journal of Applied Physics.
  • “Room Temperature Tunneling Behaviors of Boron Nitride Nanotubes Functionalized with Gold Quantum Dots.” C. H. Lee, M. A. Savaikar, J. S. Wang, B. Y. Hao, D. Y. Zhang, D. Banyai, J. A. Jaszczak, and Y. K. Yap. Advanced Materials (2013). DOI: 10.1002/adma.201301339 Read More
  • “Nanotech Innovations Enterprise at Michigan Technological University.” J. A. Jaszczak, E. M. Bouta, and M. B. Raber. Journal of Nano Education 5 (2013) 27-43.
  • “Miracle at Merelani: A remarkable occurrence of graphite, diopside and associated minerals from the Karo Pit, Block D, Merelani Hills, Arusha Region, Tanzania.” J. A. Jaszczak. Rocks & Minerals 88, 154-165 (2013). Read More
  • "Word to the Wise: Raman spectroscopy in the identification and study of minerals." J. A. Jaszczak. Rocks & Minerals 88, 184-189 (2013). Read More
  • "Relationship between structure, morphology, and carbon isotopic composition of graphite in marbles: Implications for calcite-graphite carbon isotope thermometry." M. Satish-Kumar, J. A. Jaszczak, T. Hamamatsu, and H. Wada. American Mineralogist 96 470-485 (2011). Read More
  • "The graphites of New York: Scientific and aesthetic surprises." J. A. Jaszczak, S. C. Chamberlain and G. W. Robinson. Rocks & Minerals 84, 502-519 (2009). Read More
  • "Developing Nano Education at a Technological University: Science, Technology and Societal Implications of Nano." J. A. Jaszczak and B. E. Seely.In: Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education: Issues, Trends and Future Directions, A. E. Sweeney and S. Seal, Eds. American Scientific Publishers (2008) 591-619.
  • "Micro- and nano-scale graphite cones and tubes from Hackman Valley, Kola Peninsula, Russia," J. A. Jaszczak, S. Dimovski, S. A. Hackney, G. W. Robinson, P. Bosio, and Y. Gogotsi. Canadian Mineralogist 45, 379-389 (2007). Read More
  • "Mechanism for Spatial Organization in Quantum Dot Self-Assembly," D. Gao, A. S. Kaczysnki, and J. A. Jaszczak, Applied Physics Letters 86, 133102 1-3 (2005). Also published in Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology 11(13), April 4, 2005.
  • "Naturally occurring graphite cones," J. A. Jaszczak, G. W. Robinson, S. Dimovski and Y. Gogotsi, Carbon 41 2085-2092 (2003). Read More

Alex B. Kostinski

  • Amalia Anderson and A. B. Kostinski Reversible Record Breaking and Variability: Temperature Distributions across the Globe, J. Appl. Meteor. Clim., 1681-1691, 2010 Read More
  • Jameson, A.R. and A. B. Kostinski, Direct observations of coherent backscatter of radar waves in precipitation, J. Atmos. Sci., 67, 3000-3005, 2010
  • Hezi Gildora, Erick Fredjb and Alex Kostinski, The Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba: a natural driven cavity? Geophysical & Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, Volume 104, Pages 301-308, 2010 Read More
  • Jameson, A.R. and A. B. Kostinski, On the enhanced temporal coherency of radar observations in precipitation J. Appl. Meteor. Clim., 49, 1794-1804, 2010 Read More
  • Jameson, A.R. and A. B. Kostinski, Partially coherent backscatter in radar observations of precipitation J. Atmos. Sci., 67, 1928-1946, 2010. Read More
  • Kostinski AB and Shaw RA, Raindrops large and small, NATURE PHYSICS, Volume: 5 Issue: 9, Pages: 624-625 Published: SEP 2009 Read More
  • Larsen ML and Kostinski AB, Simple dead-time corrections for discrete time series of non-Poisson data, MEASUREMENT SCIENCE \& TECHNOLOGY Volume: 20 Issue: 9 Article Number: 095101 Published: SEP 2009 Read More

Miguel Levy

  • R. El-Ganainy and Miguel Levy, “On-chip multi 4-port optical circulators,” IEEE Photonics Journal 6, No. 1, Feb. 2014. DOI: 10.1109/JPHOT.2013.2294693.
  • R. El-Ganainy, A. Eisfeld, Miguel Levy, and D. N. Christodoulides “On-chip non-reciprocal optical devices based on quantum inspired photonic lattices,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 161105, Oct. 2013.
  • R. El-Ganainy, Pradeep Kumar and Miguel Levy, “On-chip optical isolation based on non-reciprocal resonant delocalization effects,” Optics Letters 38, 61-63, Jan. 2013.
  • Pradeep Kumar and Miguel Levy, “On-chip optical isolation via unidirectional Bloch oscillations in a waveguide array,” Optics Letters 37, 3762-3764, Sept. 2012.
  • Anton I. Ignatov, Alexander M. Merzlikin, Miguel Levy and Alexey P. Vinogradov, “Formation of Degenerate Bandgaps in Layered Systems,” Photonic Materials and Applications, Materials 5, 1055-1083, June 2012
  • Photonic Materials and Applications, Miguel Levy, Mitsuteru Inoue, Bethanie Stadler, Editors, Special Issue of Materials Journal, Basel, Switzerland, 2012 Read More
  • Pradeep Kumar and Miguel Levy, "Unidirectional optical Bloch oscillations in asymmetric waveguide arrays," Optics Letters 36, 4359-4361, Nov 2011. Read More
  • Ashim Chakravarty, Miguel Levy, Amir A. Jalali, Zhuoyuan Wu, Alexander M. Merzlikin, “Elliptical normal modes and stop band reconfiguration in multimode birefringent one-dimensional magneto-photonic crystals,” Phys Rev B 84, 094202, Sept. 2011. Read More
  • A. Ignatov, A. M. Merzlikin and Miguel Levy, “Linkage between anisotropic and gyrotropic degenerate band gaps,” Journal of the Optical Society of America B 28, 1911-1915, Aug. 2011.
  • Neluka Dissanayake, Miguel Levy, A. Chakravarty, P. A. Heiden, N. Chen , J. Fratello, “Waveguide magneto-photonic crystal optical sensors with sensitive covers,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 091112, Sept 2011. Read More
  • Miguel Levy and Pradeep Kumar, "Nonreciprocal Bloch oscillations in magneto-optic waveguide arrays," Optics Letters 35, 3147-3149, Sept 2010. Read More
  • A. M. Merzlikin, M. Levy, A. P. Vinogradov, Z. Wu and A. A. Jalali, "Band gaps in Periodically Magnetized Homogeneous Anisotropic Media," Optics Communications 283, 4298-4302, 2010.
  • N. Dissanayake, Miguel Levy, A. A. Jalali, V.J. Fratello, "Gyrotropic Band Gap Optical Sensors," Applied Physics Letters 96, 181105, May 2010. Read More

Claudio Mazzoleni

  • Full list of publications at https://sites.google.com/a/mtu.edu/eol/home/dissemination/publications Read More
  • China, S., Mazzoleni, C., Gorkowski, k., Aiken, A.C., Dubey, M.K., "Morphology and mixing state of individual freshly emitted wildfire carbonaceous particles", Nature Communications 4:2122 doi: 10.1038/ncomms3122; 2013 Read More
  • Zaveri, R.A., Shaw, et al. "Carbonaceous Aerosols and Radiative Effects Study (CARES)"; Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12, 7647-7687, 2012 Read More
  • Mazzoleni, C., Kuhns, H. D., Moosmüller, "Monitoring Automotive Particulate Matter Emissions with LiDAR: A Review"; Remote Sensing, 2(4), 1077-1110, 2010 Read More
  • Lance, S., Athanasios, N., Mazzoleni, C., Manvendra, D. K., Gates, H., Varutbangkul, V., Rissman, T. A., Murphy, S. M., Flagan, R. C., Seinfeld, J. J., Feingold, G., Jonsson, H. H. "CCN Activity, Closure and Droplet Growth Kinetics of Houston Aerosol During the Gulf of Mexico Atmospheric Composition and Climate Study (GoMACCS)"; Journal of Geophysical Research. 114, D00F15, 2009.
  • C. Mazzoleni, H. Kuhns, H. Moosmüller, “Pollution reduction using biofuels: from the laboratory to the real world”, invited short communication for the “Expert commentary” section of “New research on biofuels”, Nova publisher; 2008.
  • S. C. Herndon, T. B. Onasch, E. C. Wood, J. H. Kroll, M. R. Canagaratna, J. T. Jayne, M. A. Zavala, W. B. Knighton, C. Mazzoleni, M. K. Dubey, I. M. Ulbrich, J. L. Jimenez, R. Seila, J. A. de Gouw, B. de Foy, J. Fast, L. T. Molina, C. E. Kolb and D. R. Worsnop “Correlation of secondary organic aerosol with odd oxygen in Mexico City”, Geophysical Research Letters; 35; L15804, 2008.
  • C. Mazzoleni, H. D. Kuhns, J. Witt, N. J. Nussbaum, H. Moosmüller, M.-C. O. Chang, G. Parthasarathy, S. K. K. Nathagoundenpalayam, D. Nikolic, and J. G. Watson “A real-world case study of tailpipe emissions for school buses using a 20% biodiesel blend”, Science of the Total Environment, The; 385; No.1-3; 146-159, 2007.
  • C. Mazzoleni, H. Moosmüller, H. D. Kuhns, R. E. Keislar, P. W. Barber, D. Nikolic, N. J. Nussbaum, and J. G. Watson “Correlation between automotive CO, HC, NO, and PM emission factors from on-road remote sensing: implications for inspection and maintenance programs”, Transportation Research, Part D; 9; 477-496, 2004.
  • C. Mazzoleni, H. D. Kuhns, H. Moosmüller, R. E. Keislar, P. W. Barber, N. F. Robinson, D. Nikolic, and J. G. Watson “On-Road Vehicle Particulate Matter and Gaseous Emission Distributions in Las Vegas, NV and Comparison with other Areas”, Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association; 54; 711-726, 2004.
  • H. D. Kuhns, C. Mazzoleni, Hans Moosmüller, Djordje Nikolic, Robert E. Keislar, Peter W. Barber, Zheng Li, Vicken Etyemezian, John G. Watson “Remote sensing of PM, NO, CO, and HC emission factors for on-road gasoline and diesel engine vehicles in Las Vegas, NV”, Science of the Total Environment; 322; 1-3; 123-137, 2004.
  • H. Moosmüller, C. Mazzoleni, P. W. Barber, H. D. Kuhns, R. E. Keislar, and J. G. Watson “On-Road Measurement of Automotive Particle Emissions by Ultraviolet Lidar and Transmissometer: Instrument”, Environmental Science and Technology; 37; 4971-4978, 2003.
  • Pavesi, L., Dal Negro, L., Mazzoleni, C., Franzo, C., Priolo, F. "Optical gain in silicon nanocrystals "; Nature. 408, 6811, 440-444, 2000
  • Mazzoleni, C., Pavesi, L. "Application to Optical-Components Of Dielectric Porous Silicon Multilayers"; Applied Physics Letters. 67, 20, 2983-2985, 1995

David F. Nitz

  • The Cosmic Ray Composition between 1014 and 1016 eV (with M.A.K. Glasmacher et al.), Astropart. Phys. 12, 1 (1999).
  • The Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum with CASA-MIA (with M.A.K. Glasmacher et al.), Astropart. Phys. 10, 291 (1999).
  • Triggering and Data Acquistition Systems for the Auger Observatory (D. Nitz), IEEE Transactions on Nucl. Science 45, 1824 (1998).
  • Constraints on Gamma-ray Emission from the Galactic Plane at 300 TeV (with A. Borione et al.), Astrophys. J. 493, 175 (1998).
  • Limits on the Isotropic Diffuse Flux of Ultrahigh Energy Gamma-Radiation (with M.C. Chantell et al.), Phys. Rev. Lett. 79, 1805 (1997).
  • Search for Ultrahigh Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from the Crab Nebula and Pulsar (with A. Borione et al.), Astrophys. J. 481, 313 (1997).
  • High Statistics Search for Ultra-High Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from Cygnus X-3 and Hercules X-1 (with A. Borione et al.), Phys. Rev. D55, 1714 (1997).

Ravindra Pandey

  • Effect Of Electric Field On The Band Structure Of Graphene/boron Nitride And Boron Nitride/boron Nitride Bilayers, R. Balu, X. Zhong, R. Pandey, S. P. Karna, Appl. Phys. Lett., 100, 52104 (2012) Read More
  • Stacking Dependent Electronic Structure And Transport In Bilayer Graphene Nanoribbons, X. Zhong, R. Pandey, S. P. Karna, Carbon, 50, 784 (2012) Read More
  • Controlling The Performance Of A Three-Terminal Molecular Transistor: Conformational Versus Conventional Gating, S. Mukhopadhyay, R. Pandey, S. P. Karna, J. Phys. Chem. C, 116, 4840 (2012) Read More
  • First-Principles Study Of Nanoparticle-Biomolecular Interactions: Anchoring Of A (ZnO)12 Cluster On Nucleobases, V. Shewale, P. Joshi, S. Mukhopadhyay, M. Deshpande, R. Pandey, S. Hussain, S. P. Karna, J. Phys. Chem. C, 115, 10426 (2011) Read More
  • One-pot Efficient Synthesis Of Dimeric, Trimeric, And Tetrameric BODIPY Dyes For Panchromatic Absorption, S. Zhu, J. Zhang, G. K. Vegesna, R. Pandey, F. T. Luo, S. A. Greena, H. Liu, Chem Comm, 47, 3508 (2011) Read More
  • Electronic And Optical Modeling Of Solar Cell Compounds CuGaSe2 And CuInSe2, A. Soni, A. Dashora, V. Gupta, C. M. Arora, M. Rerat, B. L. Ahuja, R. Pandey, J. of ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, 40, 2197 (2011) Read More
  • Anisotropy And Transport Properties Of Tubular C-BN Janus Nanostructures, M. M. Wu, X. Zhong, Q. Wang, Q. Sun, R. Pandey, P. Jena, J. Phys. Chem. C, 115, 23978 (2011) Read More

Ranjit Pati

  • Pati, R.; McClain, M.; Bandyopadhyay, A. Origin of Negative Differential Resistance in a Strongly Coupled Single Molecule-Metal Junction Device PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 100, 246801 (2008). Read More
  • Pal, P. P; Pati, R. Magnetic properties of one-dimensional Ni/Cu and Ni/Al multilayered nanowires: Role of nonmagnetic spacers PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 77, 144430 (2008). Read More
  • Senapati, L; Pati, R; Erwin, S. Controlling spin-polarized electron transport through a molecule: The role of molecular conformation PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 76, 024438 (2007). Read More
  • Panigrahi, P; Pati, R. Tuning the ferromagnetism of one-dimensional Fe/Pt/Fe multilayer barcode nanowires via the barcode layer effect PHYSICAL REVIEW B,76, 024431 (2007). Read More
  • Wei, B. Q.; Shima, M.; Pati, R.; Nayak, S. K; Singh D. J; Ma R. Z.; Li Y. B.; Bando Y.; Nasu, S.; Ajayan, P. M. Room-temperature ferromagnetism in doped face-centered cubic Fe nanoparticles SMALL, 2, 804 (2006). Read More
  • He, H.Y.; Pandey, R.; Pati, R., Karna, S. P. Spin-polarized electron transport of a self-assembled organic monolayer on a Ni(111) substrate: An organic spin switch PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 73, 195311 (2006). Read More
  • Pati, R.; Karna, S. P. Current switching by conformational change in a p-s-p molecular wire PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 69, 155419 (2004). Read More

Warren F. Perger

  • Ghous Narejo and W. F. Perger. First principles computation of second-order elastic constants and equations of state for tetragonal BaTiO3. Chem. Phys. Lett., 2010. (accepted for publication).
  • Warren F. Perger. First-principles calculation of second-order elastic constants and equations of state for lithium azide, LiN3, and lead azide, Pb(N3)2. Int. J. Quant. Chem., 110:1916–1922, 2010.
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  • J. M. Keith, N. B. Janda, J. A. King, W. F. Perger, and T. J. Oxby. A shielding effectiveness density theory for carbon fiber/nylon 6,6 composites. Polymer Composites, 26(5):671–678, 2005.

Raymond A. Shaw

  • Yang, F., M. Ovchinnikov, and R. A. Shaw, 2013: Minimalist model of ice microphysics in mixed-phase stratiform clouds. Geophysical Research Letters, 40, doi:10.1002/grl.50700. Read More
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Bryan H. Suits

  • "93Nb NMR study of the charge density wave state in NbSe2," K Ghoshray, B Pahari, A Goshray, V V Eremenko, V A Sirenko, and B H Suits, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 21, 155701 (2009). Read More
  • "The hanging cord with a real tip mass," J. S. Deschaine and B. H. Suits, European Journal of Physics 29, 1211-1222 (2008). Read More
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  • "Long Pendulums in Gravitational Gradients". B. H. Suits, European Journal of Physics 27, L7-L11 (2006). Read More
  • "The Noise Immunity of Gradiometer Coils for 14N NQR Land Mine Detection: Practical Limitations," B. H. Suits, Applied Magnetic Resonance 25, 371-382 (2004). Read More
  • "Optimizing surface coils and the self-shielded gradiometer," B. H. Suits and A. N. Garroway, Journal of Applied Physics 94, 4171-4178 (2003). Read More

Yoke Khin Yap

  • Yoke Khin Yap, "Chemical Vapor Deposition," in Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology, B. Bhushan (ed.) (Springer 2012, ISBN: ISBN 978-90-481-9750-7) pp 422-426. Read More
  • Yoke Khin Yap, "Physical Vapor Deposition," in Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology, B. Bhushan (ed.) (Springer 2012, ISBN: ISBN 978-90-481-9750-7) pp 2069-2075. Read More
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