Theses and Dissertations

Our graduate students are constantly making groundbreaking discoveries and important advances in physics. From studies on the universe's largest galaxies to the smallest of subatomic particles, read more about the cutting-edge projects being conducted in our department.

PhD Dissertations

Recent Dissertations

2015 Zhou, Hao PhD SPH
Search for TeV Gamma-Ray Sources in the Galactic Plane with the HAWC Observatory
Advisor: Petra Huentemeyer

2015 Abdalmoneam, Marwa Hefny PhD SPH
Relativistic Configuration Interaction Calculations of the Atomistic Properties of Selected Transition Metal Positive Ions: Ni II, V II and W II
Advisor: Donald R. Beck

2015 Sharma, Noopur PhD ATM
Laboratory and Field Investigation of Mixing, Morphology and Optical Properties of Soot and Secondary Organic Aerosols
Advisor: Claudio Mazzoleni

2015 Hao, Boyi PhD SPE
Functionalized Boron Nitride Nanotubes for Electronic Applications
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2015 Chakravarty, Ashim PhD SPH
Geometry Induced Magneto-Optic Effects in LPE Grown Magnetic Garnet Films
Advisor: Miguel Levy

2015 Yapici, Tolga PhD SPH
A Method for Determining the Mass Composition of Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic-Rays by Predicting the Depth of First Interaction of Individual Extensive Air Showers
Advisor: Brian Fick

2015 Banyai, Douglas R. PhD SPH
Multiscale Examination and Modeling of Electron Transport in Nanoscale Materials and Devices
Advisor: John Jaszczak

2015 Dhital, Niraj PhD SPH
Search for Long-Lived Weakly Interacting Particles Using the Pierre Auger Observatory
Advisor: Brian Fick

2015 Dhungana, Kamal B. PhD SPH
Understanding Electronic Structure and Transport Properties in Nanoscale Junctions
Advisor: Ranjit Pati

2014 Gurganus, Colin PhD ATM
Investigating the Role of the Contact Line in Heterogeneous Nucleation with High Speed Imaging
Advisor: Raymond Shaw

2014 China, Swarup PhD ATM
Morphology and Mixing State of Atmospheric Particles: Links to Optical Properties and Ice Nucleation
Advisor: Claudio Mazzoleni

2014 Sua, Yong Meng PhD SPH
Quantum Correlations of Lights in Macroscopic Environments
Advisors: Kim Fook Lee and Jacek Borysow

2014 Liu, Chunhui PhD SPH
Interaction of Nanomaterials With Biomolecules and Lipid Membranes
Advisors: Ravi Pandey

MS Theses

Recent Theses

2015 Spirito, Kiley J. MS SPH
Barium Concentrations in Rock Salt by Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Advisor: Jacek Borysow

2015 Majumdar, Anindya MS SPH
Study of Non-Reciprocal Dichroism in Photonic Structures
Advisor: Miguel Levy

2014 Woodward, Xinxin MS SPH
The Three Dimensional Shape and Roughness of Mineral Dust by Atomic Force Microscope

Advisor: Will Cantrell

2014 Gurganus, Renee MS SPH

Coursework Masters

Advisor: Aleksey Smirnov, GMES

2014 Gurganus, Colin MS SPH

Coursework Masters

Advisor: Raymond Shaw