Ranjit Pati

Ranjit Pati


Professor, Physics

  • PhD, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, University at Albany, State University of New York


My current research primarily focuses on addressing some of the fundamental challenges associated with nanoscience. Specifically, this research tries to answer some of the open questions pertaining to the electron (both charge and spin) transfer process involving nanoscale junction in a non-equilibrium condition using quantum many body theory.

Links of Interest


  • Modeling Molecular Electronics Devices

Recent Publications

  • Dhungana, K. B., Pati, R., "Switching of Conductance in a Molecular Wire: Role of Junction Geometry, Interfacial Distance, and Conformational Change", J. Phys. Chem. C, 116, 17268, (2012).
  • Mandal, S., Pati, R., "What determines the sign reversal of magnetoresistance in a molecular tunnel junction?" What determines the sign reversal of magnetoresistance in a molecular tunnel junction? ACS Nano, 6, 3580, (2012).
  • Pati, R.; McClain, M.; Bandyopadhyay, A. Origin of Negative Differential Resistance in a Strongly Coupled Single Molecule-Metal Junction Device PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 100, 246801 (2008). Read More
  • Pal, P. P; Pati, R. Magnetic properties of one-dimensional Ni/Cu and Ni/Al multilayered nanowires: Role of nonmagnetic spacers PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 77, 144430 (2008). Read More
  • Senapati, L; Pati, R; Erwin, S. Controlling spin-polarized electron transport through a molecule: The role of molecular conformation PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 76, 024438 (2007). Read More
  • Panigrahi, P; Pati, R. Tuning the ferromagnetism of one-dimensional Fe/Pt/Fe multilayer barcode nanowires via the barcode layer effect PHYSICAL REVIEW B,76, 024431 (2007). Read More
  • Wei, B. Q.; Shima, M.; Pati, R.; Nayak, S. K; Singh D. J; Ma R. Z.; Li Y. B.; Bando Y.; Nasu, S.; Ajayan, P. M. Room-temperature ferromagnetism in doped face-centered cubic Fe nanoparticles SMALL, 2, 804 (2006). Read More
  • He, H.Y.; Pandey, R.; Pati, R., Karna, S. P. Spin-polarized electron transport of a self-assembled organic monolayer on a Ni(111) substrate: An organic spin switch PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 73, 195311 (2006). Read More
  • Pati, R.; Karna, S. P. Current switching by conformational change in a p-s-p molecular wire PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 69, 155419 (2004). Read More