Awards and Achievements

Dean's List

Spring 2015 4.00

Harp, Tyler S JR
Johnson, Floyd B SR
Kinney, Gregory M SR

Massoglia, Crystal A JR
Morris, Eric D SR

Spring 2015 3.50-3.99

Anderson, Kaelan R SO
Cruikshank, Owen D SO
Hermann, Austin T SR

Rocheleau, Kevin B SR
Schatz, Taran J JR
Schroeder, Luke A SR


Fall 2014 3.50-3.99

Cruikshank, Owen D SO
Hallfrisch, Joshua D SR
Innis, Robert D SR
Johnson, Floyd B SR

Rocheleau, Kevin B SR
Russell, David M SR
Small, Angela J SR
Spaight, James R SR

College of Sciences and Arts Academy

2013 Debasis Datta – PhD, 1994 Physics * Senior Enterprise Architect, General Motors

2010 Werner R. Vogt – BS, 1966 Physics * President, Amikles AG, Switzerland

2008 Steven L. Tomsovic – BS 1980, Physics * Professor and Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Washington State University

2006 Walter E. Kauppila - BS 1964, Physics * Professor of Physics, Wayne State University

2000 Joseph Roti Roti - BS 1965, Physics * Professor of Radiology, Washington University School of Medicine

1998 Carl R. Adams - BS 1962, Applied Physics * Chairman, Information and Decision Sciences Department, University of Minnesota

1998 Paul D. Pietila - BS 1962, Applied Physics * Chief Operating Officer, Toledo Molding & Die (Retired)

1995 Leonard C. Buckman - BS 1960, Engineering Physics * President and General Manager, Rockwell WABCO Vehicle Control Systems


Award Recipients


Ranjit Pati
CAREER: Theory and Modeling of a Mono-molecular Field Effect Organic Transistor (MOLFET)
Start Date February 15, 2007, Power, Controls & Adaptive Net

Yoke Khin Yap
CAREER: Synthesis, Characterization and Discovery of Frontier Carbon Materials
Start Date April 1, 2005, Solid-State Chemistry

Raymond Shaw
CAREER: Laboratory Studies of Small-Scale Processes in Clouds
Start Date January 1, 2000, Physical Meteorology

Robert Nemiroff
CAREER: Towards Understanding the Temporal Universe
Start Date September 1, 1997, Special Programs in Astronomy

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