Provide a distinctive and rigorous action-based learning experience grounded in science, engineering, technology, business, sustainability, and an understanding of the social and cultural contexts of our contemporary world.

Student Learning

Integrate instruction, research, and innovation to achieve the student learning goals for undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • Provide research, service-learning, project-based, entrepreneurial, and international opportunities for students.
  • Promote mutual appreciation of, and collaborative opportunities across, academic disciplines.
  • Continually assess, review, and improve programs and develop new offerings in emerging disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas.

Transformative Education

Provide a technologically-rich education grounded in a residential and experiential learning environment.

  • Encourage and support high quality, innovative, and effective instruction and experiences to enhance student learning.
  • Provide student mentoring, career and professional development, and leadership opportunities.
  • Enhance student learning and experiences to promote long-term physical and mental health.
  • Foster mutual respect in personal and professional interactions.
  • Promote social and civic responsibility as well as ethical conduct.

Educational Programs

Expand programs in response to social and economic needs and challenges.

  • Develop and enhance pathways to completion of undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Increase both scholarly productivity and number of doctoral and master’s degrees awarded.
  • Improve access via online and other non-traditional delivery of educational programs.
  • Promote lifelong learning by providing opportunities for continuing education.
  • Encourage understanding of public policy issues.