Our Charge

  1. To assist the University in recognizing outstanding performance and ongoing dedicated service by staff members
  2. To maximize the use of talents and resources of the staff to support educational programs and to develop and strengthen skills and professionalism among staff
  3. To provide events and opportunities to enhance the working environment of Michigan Tech.

Our Events, Activities and Projects

  • Making a Difference Staff Awards—Employees nominate deserving staff members for one of the following categories: rookie award, serving others, outstanding leader, unsung hero, legacy award, innovation award, and behind the scenes. Nominations run October through November with a reception in January each year.
  • Family Fun Day—a day of free access to the SDC facilities and other campus amenities for Michigan Tech employees and their family. Held in March each year.
  • Staff Years of Service Awards—service awards given to eligible staff in recognition of reaching a five-year anniversary date. Award recipients are given a choice of days off or gift certificates ("Tech Bucks") and are honored at an awards luncheon in June.
  • Wall Calendar—each summer Staff Council distributes a large wall calendar to every employee.
  • Monthly Meetings—Staff Council meets monthly, and our meetings are open to all Michigan Tech staff, come and join us!

Please check out our pages to learn more about these events and activities each year. You may contact Staff Council via email at staffcouncil@mtu.edu.