Spring 2021 Distinguished Lecturer - Dr. Yoke Khin Yap

University Professor Yoke Khin Yap


University Professor Yoke Khin Yap, Director of Applied Physics Graduate Program


Positive Use of Negative Properties at the Nanoscale | Recording of Yap Lecture | Passcode: 3we*mv!Y

Research Statement

The nanoscale is a measure of extremely small substances. For example, a nanometer (unit: nm) is one-billionth of a meter, equivalent to the length of a linear array of ten hydrogen atoms, the smallest atom on earth. My research group started with the synthesis and characterization of nanoscale materials, and has established a global leadership on boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs). In this talk, I will demonstrate the use of undesirable properties of BNNTs for novel electronic and biomedical applications at the atomic and molecular scales. The lesson learned to me is to think positively about the negative aspects of things. This may lead to unexpected discoveries that most people missed.

Six Questions with Professor Yoke Khin Yap