Fall 2020 Professor - Dr. Caryn Heldt

|December 9, 2020|Theme: Virus Research|

Dr. Caryn Heldt


Professor Caryn Heldt, Director of the Health Research Institute


Turning Viruses into Therapies | Recording of Heldt Lecture | Passcode: ?Z#&j=5g

Research Statement

Viruses are well known for the havoc they create and how easy they can spread from one person to another. However, we have also learned to use them to protect ourselves from disease. Vaccination has saved millions of lives and has evolved from using other animal versions of viruses to stop smallpox to the genetically engineered vaccines administered today. A new use of viruses is as gene delivery vehicles. The virus can delivers faulty genes to cure single mutation diseases, and this is also the basis for many Phase III coronavirus vaccines. But the major challenge for vaccination and gene delivery is that demand is often larger than our manufacturing capabilities. Our lab is tackling some of these challenges to improve access to life saving therapies. 

Six Questions with Professor Caryn Heldt