Fall 2020 University Professor - Dr. Timothy Schulz

|October 14, 2020|Theme: Direct Measurements|

Timothy J. Schulz


University Professor Timothy Schulz, Electrical And Computer Engineering.   


Direct Measurement of Coherent FieldsView Dr. Timothy Schulz's presentation | Passcode: v&c8YdKD

Research Statement

In 1948, Dennis Gabor introduced a remote-sensing method he called holography, based on the Greek words holos—meaning “whole”—and graphe—meaning “writing”. As the name implies, holography is a method for recording both the amplitude and phase of an electromagnetic field, not just the physically-observable intensity. Like Gabor’s original invention, most subsequent techniques for recording the entire field—rather than only its intensity—utilize a reference field. Phase retrieval refers to an alternative class of methods that record the entire field from the intensities of linear transforms of the field, without the need for an external reference. Whereas conventional methods of phase-retrieval have had limited success, new computational methods based on multi-path interferometry and coded sensing have the potential to revolutionize the way we make direct measurements of coherent fields. 

Six Questions with University Professor Timothy Schulz