Spring 2021 Distinguished Lecturer - Dr. Gregory Odegard

portrait of Dr. Odegard


Richard and Elizabeth Henes Professor Gregory Odegard, Computational Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


US-COMP: Next Generation of Composite Materials for Crewed Deep Space Missions |Recording of Odegard Lecture | Passcode: O^7HG+@S

Research Statement

Current state-of-the-art composite materials are not light/strong enough for crewed missions to Mars and beyond. Structural components of deep space vehicles require lighter/stronger materials for fuel efficiency. The NASA Space Technologies Research Institute (STRI) for Ultra-Strong Composites by Computational Design (US-COMP) is focused on developing a new generation of composites for this purpose. US-COMP is using computational simulation to drive the material design in an efficient manner. By developing new simulation tools, experimental methods, and databases of material information, US-COMP is playing a central role in the national Materials Genome Initiative (MGI). The ultimate goals of US- COMP are to design, fabricate, and test composite panels that meet NASA’s requirements; and to train students to enter the advanced composite materials workforce.

Six Questions with Professor Gregory Odegard