2.08.1—Request for Internet Service Allowance

Effective: 07/01/2009
Senate Proposal: No
Responsible University Officer: Chief Financial Officer
Responsible Office: Financial Services and Operations


An allowance for external internet service will be provided for authorized employees with approval of department chair or director. The external internet service will be in the employee's name for billing purposes and employees will pay the providers directly. This policy is intended to simplify purchasing, reimbursement, and approval issues associated with multiple home internet service providers.

The Cell Phone/Internet Allowance Request Form must be completed by the authorized employee when requesting either:

  1. a new allowance, indicating the amount of the monthly allowance,
  2. a revision to a current allowance, or
  3. terminating an allowance for internet service when it is no longer needed to perform their job.

In the case of the occasional reimbursement for home or off-campus internet service (for 3 months or less), the reimbursement will be submitted on a check request with business documentation attached.


To request a new allowance for external internet service subscription, the employee does the following:

  1. Completes the Cell Phone/Internet Allowance Request Form as follows:
    1. Indicate internet service by entering an "X" next to "Internet (WWW)".
    2. Indicate new service by entering an "X" next to "New".
    3. Enter the following on the appropriate line:
      1. Employee Name
      2. Employee ID: M #
      3. Employee Job Title
      4. Department
      5. Department Telephone #
      6. BANNER Index to be charged
    4. Next to "Calendar Year", enter the year (XXXX) for which the allowance is being requested and the start date.
    5. Indicate the appropriate Monthly Allowance for Internet by entering an "X" next to the business usage type, or select "Other" and enter an amount not shown.
      • NOTE: Attach a copy of latest billing statement from the internet service provider.
    6. Indicate the justification for the allowance by entering an "X" by all reasons under "Business Justification".
    7. Sign and date the request.
  2. Forwards the request form to the department chair or director, and financial manager, for review and approval.
  3. The department reviews and forwards the signed form to Financial Services and Operations for processing.

Forms and Instructions


04/10/2017 Transfer of policy page from HTML to CMS. Business and Finance numbers renamed from "2.2000" to "2. Business and Finance". Specifically from "2.2008.1—Request for Internet Service Allowance" to "2.08.1—Request for Internet Service Allowance".
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