5.05.1—Request a Remembrance for the University Remembrance Garden


The University Remembrance Garden enhances the Michigan Tech campus with a refined, serene area where a loved one's memory can be honored and preserved. The beautifully landscaped garden, located on the south side of the Rozsa Center for Performing Arts, provides a focal point for memorializing and remembering the deceased. The Garden memorializes students and employees who were enrolled at or employed by Michigan Tech at the time of their passing, or those students or employees who left the University due to a terminal illness.

The remembrance item will be determined by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Advancement. The item will be placed in the garden in a timely manner. The remembrance will include the deceased's name, years of life, and years at Michigan Tech. Each nameplate on the remembrance item will be suitable for four lines of text, as in this sample below:

Douglass Houghton
Mathematical Sciences
Month/Day/Year - Month/Day/Year


To place a remembrance item in honor of the deceased individual a donation of $500 to the Michigan Tech Fund is needed in order to defray the cost of the project, purchase the remembrance item, and fund the ongoing maintenance and care of the garden. Donations may be tax deductible as allowed by current laws.

  1. Persons wishing to place a remembrance item should submit the request in writing and should include the following information:
    1. Full name of individual to be remembered
    2. Individual's birth and deceased dates
    3. Individual's relationship to Michigan Tech (Title if employee or student status) and years employed or enrolled as a student.
  2. A check for $500 should be made out to The Michigan Tech Fund and included with the request.
  3. Mail the request and the donation to:

Office of Development/ Michigan Tech Fund
FirstMerit Bank Building, 7th Floor
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, Michigan 49931-1295

  1. The donor will be contacted within 30 days of the request.

Related Information

Remembrance Garden Maintenance and Upkeep Guidelines

Engraving of the remembrance item may take a minimum of 2 weeks.

In order to ensure consistency in appearance, Michigan Tech will approve wording and the font used for engraving. The same font will be used for all individual naming areas. The stone will be of Lake Superior green granite, 16 inches x 8 inches x 3 inches, sawed sides, hewn top.

One remembrance is permitted per deceased individual.

Facilities Management will develop and maintain the garden, and order and place the Michigan Tech Fund remembrance item.


This procedure supports the following policy:


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