Cyndi Perkins

Cyndi Perkins


  • Senior Content Specialist, University Marketing and Communications


She’s prone to social media binges, but Cyndi also takes time to stop and smell the flowers, especially our campus roses. The award-winning editor, journalist, and columnist writes and edits for Michigan Tech’s web pages, digital media, and print publications. She finds work-life balance in the garden, on her yoga mat, and anywhere near the water.

About Cyndi

  • The former Daily Mining Gazette journalist and editor hails from Houghton and has written for a variety of international, national and regional publications.
  • Specializing in feature writing, she co-creates, writes, and edits content for the University, from web pages and Michigan Tech Magazine stories to social media.
  • A novelist active in the Upper Peninsula Authors and Publishers Association, the Authors Guild member looks forward to writing more books—and to camping trips in her RV with husband Scott and Goldendoodle Max.

Recent Stories 

Husky-built Beach Warning System Helps Keep Swimmers Safe

A young man wearing glasses gazes off into the distance with a pole with a green light       on it behind him like a traffic signal on a dock on the Keweenaw waterway on the Michigan       Tech Campus. His polo shirt reads SwimSmart Warning Systems.

Huskies turn ideas into careers. Michigan Tech grad Jake Soter ’19 ’20 started working on a project to help beachgoers decide whether it’s safe to go in the water while doing his Senior Design project on Lake Superior with his professor, Andrew Barnard. Long hours and . . . Read More

Q&A with Alumni Recruiters Arick Davis and Donzell Dixson

A young man with arm upraised stands on a stage speaking to a crowd at Michigan Tech       for MLK day. We can see the back of the audience's heads in the foreground.

Or, in some cases, just figure out higher education in general. In this Q&A, Davis (AD) and Dixson (DD) Michigan Tech’s first alumni recruitment specialists specifically tasked with connecting to students of color share how this part-time gig is a continuation of their mentorship work — and why it’s important to them. . . . Read More

Alumni Recruiters Reach Out to Prospective Students

four people in a computer lab at a university working on computers. Older students       are teaching youngsters to code.

Arick Davis and Donzell Dixson are the first alumni recruitment specialists in a program launched in 2020 that pairs young alumni of color with prospective college students. The initiative aims to broaden and deepen student, staff and faculty perspectives. As Michigan Technological University's Vice President for . . . Read More