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The Artemis Generation

Two students testing the lunar rover in a thermal vacuum chamber.

Michigan Tech's Planetary Surface Technology Development Lab is making a name for itself in the aerospace industry with innovative ideas and engineering prowess. We shadowed the PSTDL team for a. . . Read More

Canis Spiritus

Wolf skull, jawbones, and teeth on a tray.

Kristin Brzeski's quest to save endangered species led the conservation geneticist to the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana, home to a unique population of "ghost wolves.. . . Read More

Leaders of the Pack

ROTC cadets running down a dirt road.

Ten-hut! In a salute to Michigan Tech's Arctic Warriors and Guardians of the North past, present, and future, Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets share what makes our ROTC programs national. . . Read More

Research In Focus

Student researcher performing a test in the wave tank.

Be it centered on health and quality of life, sustainability and resilience, or another of the Tech Forward initiatives, research at Michigan Tech excels at being interdisciplinary—so much. . . Read More