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Are you involved in multiscale technologies?

We welcome anyone across Michigan Tech to join MuSTI if their research, outreach, or other interests involve nanotechnologies or microtechnologies. If you are advising students engaged in multiscale research, Enterprise, or community outreach, please consider joining.

There are many benefits to members and their students.

  • Seed funding for the purpose of producing results for externally funded proposals
  • Scholarships for completing PhD research
  • Funding to support UG research
  • Travel support for members to travel to funding agencies
  • Support for the purpose of meeting and/or presenting to secure multidisciplinary or multi-investigator funding
  • Travel support for attending conferences and workshops
  • Cost-share
  • Research funding for the "Nanoscale Science and Engineering Minor" program
  • Student Research Grant
  • Professional Society Membership Fee

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