Software Defined Radios

MTRI has successfully implemented a three-node software-defined radio (SDR) system that records 25 MHz of bandwidth continuously on each node for up to 120 seconds. The system is capable of synchronized recording at sites separated by several kilometers via GPS-based synchronization. The SDRs provide the capability to continuously record and playback RF signals within the one MHz–six GHz frequency spectrum. SDRs can also be used for spread-spectrum and cognitive radio applications.

  • 1 MHz - 6 GHz of frequency coverage
  • Up to 25 MHz of receive bandwidth
  • GPS disciplined timing for remote synchronization of multiple devices
  • Continuous recording up to 25 MHz BW
  • MIMO capable
MTRI Software Defined Radio Inventory
Model Qty Daughterboard Slots Host Interface Host BW DAC ADC MIMO CPU
N210 6 1TX/1RX GigE 25 MS/s 16-bit, 400 MSPS 14-bit, 100 MSPS Yes n/a
E110 5 1 TX/1 RX Embedded 4–8 MS/s 14-bit, 128 MSPS 12-bit, 64 MSPS No OMAP 3730
* USRPs that include modular RF solutions are paired with Ettus Research daughterboards to access signals from DC-6 GHz.
** MIMO expandable.
SDR Daughter Card Inventory
Model Qty Type Frequency BW** Output Power
BasicTX 4 2 x Tx 1 MHz–250 MHz 100 MHz* 1mW
BasicRX 6 2 x Rx 1 MHz–250 MHz 100 MHz* n/a
WBX  3 Tx/Rx, Full-Duplex 50 MHz–2.2 GHz 40 MHz 100 mW
SBX 3 Tx/Rx, Full-Duplex 400 MHz–4.4 GHz 40 MHz 100 mW
CBX 2 Tx/Rx, Full-Duplex 1.2 GHz–6.0 GHz 40 MH 100 mW
XVCR2450 2 Tx/Rx, Half-Duplex 2.4 GHz–2.5 GHz,
4.9 GHz–5.9 GHz
33 MH 100 mW
* Specified BW valid when two ports are used as complex pair.
** Limited by USRP motherboard chosen.