Laura Bourgeau-Chavez

Laura Bourgeau-Chavez


  • Senior Research Scientist, Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science (SFRES)
  • PhD, Forestry and Environmental Management

Areas of Expertise

  • Remote Sensing
    • Radar
    • Lidar
    • Multispectral
  • Forest and Wetland Ecology of
    • Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands
    • Boreal, Temperate, and Tropical Regions
  • Wildfire
    • Boreal Fuel Moisture and Fire Danger
    • Boreal Wildfire Effects and Carbon Emissions

Research Interests

  • Characterize and Measure Landscape Ecosystems
  • Fusion of SAR and Multispectral Data For Mapping and Monitoring Wetlands and Monitoring Soil Moisture For Fire Danger Prediction in Boreal Regions