Snow/Trail Report

Fast Facts
Trails Open0/24
Lifts Open0/3
Snow Base12"
New Snow0
Total Snowfall this season12.5"
Percent Open 0
Last Updated: 11/30/23

Lift Status
Husky ChairCLOSED
Copper HoistCLOSED

Run Status
Run NameOpen?Difficulty
That RoadCLOSEDgreen circle
Toots TumbleCLOSEDgreen circle
The Dail Learning AreaCLOSEDgreen circle
BypassCLOSEDgreen circle
Deer Track TrailCLOSEDgreen circle
Danny BoyCLOSEDblue square
Fred's LandingCLOSEDblue square
Center BowlCLOSEDblue square
Racer's RidgeCLOSEDblue square
The Ripley TriangleCLOSEDblue square
Look OutCLOSEDblue square
Powder StashCLOSEDblue square
Rhythm Terrain ParkCLOSEDblack diamond
Husky BowlCLOSEDblack diamond
The ChuteCLOSEDblack diamond
CertifiedCLOSEDblack diamond
WipeoutCLOSEDblack diamond
BonzaiCLOSEDblack diamond
Copper Chute GladeCLOSEDblack diamond
The PlungeCLOSEDblack diamond
Powder Stash GladeCLOSEDblack diamond
*Dependent on fresh snow
Cannonball*CLOSEDblack diamond
Buddha Bowl*CLOSEDblack diamondblack diamond
Trestle*CLOSEDblack diamondblack diamond

Tube Park Handle Tow
Saturday CLOSED



Groomed SNow on Toots Tumble