Our Impact

Student at a Mind Trekkers road show.

Government, industry, the non-profit community, and educational institutions agree—our country must develop a sustainable system for human capital equipped with expertise in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). How? Spark a sense of wonder.

Our programs invite students from across the United States and abroad to dive into STEM intentionally and purposefully. Mind Trekkers, our mobile roadshow, showcases STEM in action for thousands of educators and families.

Undergraduate and graduate student volunteers serve as a pipeline, connecting thousands of prospective students to the Michigan Tech family while enjoying one-of-a-kind opportunities and experiences. We make an impact on the youth that we visit with, the communities that we engage with, and our college student volunteers, who develop life-long skills and will making amazing memories.

Light The Spark. Keep It Burning.

Mind Trekkers inspires our next generation of leaders to seek answers, get excited, and question the traditional boundaries of STEM education.

  • 88% are likely to repeat a demonstration and share demos with others
  • 94% agree this event offered activities/resources not normally provided in their classrooms
  • 97% felt the event format supported learning and engagement
  • 93% intend to do a Mind Trekkers demonstration in their classroom and share a demo with another teacher
  • 67% of students think differently about what scientists and engineers do
  • 76% of students are more interested in attending college
  • 12
    road shows held in 2018-19
  • 7
    states visited
  • 136K
    people reached
  • 168
    traveling volunteers
  • 18K
    miles traveled

"Mind Trekkers inspired me to go to college and pursue a career in STEM. I want to make a difference in the world."

Mind Trekkers festival crowd.