25 Demonstrations Under $25

Looking for inexpensive demonstrations to incorporate into your classroom or home? We recognize not everyone has all the materials or funds to repeat all our demonstrations.

In order to make this easier for you, here are 25 demonstrations you can recreate for under $25 each. From learning how to skewer a balloon without popping it to learning about blood types, your students will learn about a variety of STEM areas in hands-on demonstrations using supplies that are likely already in your cabinet!

Read our demonstrations individually below, or watch our full playlist on YouTube. Be careful, though—try these at your own risk. 

Featured Demonstrations

Play Surface Tension Trap video
Preview image for Surface Tension Trap video

Surface Tension Trap

Demo: 1 minute
Why do pool toys never stay in the pool's center? Hint: it has to do with surface tension!

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Play Oobleck video
Preview image for Oobleck video


Demo: 5 minutes
Play with a creation that has solid matter properties, but is always a liquid!

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Play Fireproof Balloon video
Preview image for Fireproof Balloon video

Fireproof Balloon

Demo: 1-3 minutes
Is it possible to save a balloon from popping when fire is touching it?

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Play Floating and Sinking Eggs video
Preview image for Floating and Sinking Eggs video

Floating and Sinking Eggs

Demo: 1-2 minutes
Use the properties of density to both float and sink an egg!

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Play Skewer through a Balloon video
Preview image for Skewer through a Balloon video

Skewer through a Balloon

Demo: 2-5 minutes
Stick a skewer through a balloon without popping it!

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Play Glove Filled with CO2 video
Preview image for Glove Filled with CO2 video

Glove Filled with CO2

Demo: 3-5 minutes
Blow up a balloon or glove using a chemical reaction that creates CO2!

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Additional Demonstrations

More demonstrations to try at home or in the classroom!

Play Anti-Gravity Bottle video
Preview image for Anti-Gravity Bottle video

Anti-Gravity Bottle

Demo: 30 seconds
Use a ping pong ball to trap water in a bottle, even when it is turned upside down!

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Play Buoyancy Bottle video
Preview image for Buoyancy Bottle video

Buoyancy Bottle

Demo: 3-5 minutes
What sinks, and what floats? Figure out how the amount of sugar affects buoyancy!

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Play Kruskal's Card Game video
Preview image for Kruskal's Card Game video

Kruskal's Card Game

Demo: 3-5 minutes
Can you find you way to the end of the path? Play to find out while studying probability!

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Play Nail Puzzle video
Preview image for Nail Puzzle video

Nail Puzzle

Demo: 3-10 minutes
How many nails can you balance on a single nail head?

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Play Let's Communicate video
Preview image for Let's Communicate video

Let's Communicate

Demo: 5 minutes
Think like an engineer and work on giving clear directions on how to build your creation!

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Play Boxing Beans video
Preview image for Boxing Beans video

Boxing Beans

Demo: 3 minutes
Can different shaped and sized containers hold the same amount of material?

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Play Bernoulli Balloons video
Preview image for Bernoulli Balloons video

Bernoulli Balloons

Use air pressure changes to move balloons and predict how they will move!

Play Milk Trick video
Preview image for Milk Trick video

Milk Trick

Get your groove on with this science demo creating a constantly changing kaleidoscope of colors!

Play Burning Money video
Preview image for Burning Money video

Burning Money

"Burn" a dollar bill without charring any of the dollar bill itself!

Play Baking Soda Bubbles video
Preview image for Baking Soda Bubbles video

Baking Soda Bubbles

Explore the meaning behind density with bubbles!

Play Flinker video
Preview image for Flinker video


What happens when an object doesn't float or sink? It flinks! Construct a device that uses neutral buoyancy.

Play Boats Afloat video
Preview image for Boats Afloat video

Boats Afloat

Use your engineering skills to create a boat to hold the most weight!

Play Marker Chromatography video
Preview image for Marker Chromatography video

Marker Chromatography

See what colors make up other colors while creating pieces of art!

Play Giant Bubbles video
Preview image for Giant Bubbles video

Giant Bubbles

Mind Trekkers' own recipe for the perfect giant bubble. This solution, plus a small pool, hula-hoop, and a landscaper's brick can put you inside a giant bubble!

Play Cloud in a Bottle video
Preview image for Cloud in a Bottle video

Cloud in a Bottle

Why are there clouds in the sky? Learn how pressure affects how clear the skies are!

Play Fingerprint Balloon video
Preview image for Fingerprint Balloon video

Fingerprint Balloon

See just how unique your own fingerprints are!

Play Invisible Fire Extinguisher video
Preview image for Invisible Fire Extinguisher video

Invisible Fire Extinguisher

Learn to put out a flame with the tip of a cup!

Play Are You My Type? video
Preview image for Are You My Type? video

Are You My Type?

Have you ever wondered what blood is made of? Learn what types of blood can be donated!

Play Color Subtraction Challenge video
Preview image for Color Subtraction Challenge video

Color Subtraction Challenge

Try picking colored poof balls once every color, except red, is removed!