Mechanics of Multi-scale Materials

The Mechanics of Multi-scale Materials research group uncovers the relationships of structures across the full range of engineering scales, from the molecular to the macro. In addition to established practices of nano-scale modeling and large-scale structural mechanics, the group is bridging the gap between these scales by developing accurate constitutive modeling and characterization of each intermediate level.

Uncovering how the nano- and micro-level mechanics play into the millimeter- and meter-level structures enables advanced composite materials to be optimized for structural performance. Through advanced multi-scale modeling, simulation, and experimentation, research is focused on developing methods that will inform emerging technologies including nano-, micro-, and biomedical engineering and science. This research group is well positioned to advance the state-of-the-art in this rapidly emerging field.

Research activities include identifying the critical parameters that lead to the success or failure of material for a particular application and working to model structural foam designs for aerospace and automotive products, with the goal of improving thermal insulation, impact absorption, and moment of inertia.

As functions of intermediate scales between the nano and macro are characterized, novel materials and composites can be created and optimized. Researchers are working on novel experiments, MEMS/NEMS, atomistic and continuum modeling, multifunction materials and devices, microfluidic, tissue engineering, nanostructured material, material characterization, biological transport, cell mechanics, and physics-based modeling.

Faculty + Research = Discovery

Our department boasts world-class faculty who have access to numerous innovative research labs and are committed to discovery and learning. This encompasses a range of research areas, experiences, and expertise related to the mechanics of multi-scale materials. Learn more about our faculty and their research interests:

Research Projects

Our faculty engage in a number of research projects, many of which are publicly funded. A sample listing of recent research projects focused on agile interconnected microgrids appears below. You can also view a broader list of research projects taking place across the mechanical engineering department.

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