Residence Education and Housing Services

Mentorship and Assistance

Every house community has a resident assistant, or RA, who provides support and guidance to students. RAs are student leaders who serve as mentors for their residents. Each RA works to build a strong community based upon mutual respect and communication that values the input and experience of every resident. RAs facilitate learning opportunities for house members and are a great resource for students who have questions about Michigan Tech or life in general. RAs also engage their residents in events throughout Michigan Tech and the Houghton/Hancock area. They maintain a safe and comfortable environment that allows students to explore their identity and expand their horizons on campus.

If residents have a question or concern, they should first contact their RA. However, if their RA or the RA of a surrounding house cannot be found, a DUTY Phone is available 24 hours a day to assist residents. The DUTY Phone may be called for concerns and general assistance such as repeated noise complaints, alcohol concerns, room lockouts, maintenance emergencies, and smoke alarms. Residents can reach the DUTY Phone by dialing 906-487-DUTY or 906-487-3889. DUTY Phone calls can be made anonymously.

Each RA reports to a residence education coordinator, or REC, who is a full-time professional staff member living in the residence halls. RECs facilitate student learning by developing an educational model for all residents on campus. RECs use their experience related to college student development theory to construct learning opportunities that help residents develop skills from their college experience that will help them in college and beyond. RECs also mentor students through residential student organizations and outreach related to academics, personal wellness, and conduct issues.

Residence Education and Housing Services partners with other departments to bring faculty and staff members to the residence halls to interact with and give guidance to residents. These partnerships can include theme community mentors, workshops in the residence halls, and other initiatives and events. The residential officer program features one police officer who lives in university housing and completes informational programming related to their profession. They also interact with students at RA-led events and through residential student organizations. More information about the program can be found on the DPSPS website.

Residence Education and Housing Services employs other full-time professional staff members who are available to assist students and parents with questions. If you need assistance or are concerned about your student, please contact us via email at or via phone at 906-487-2682.