Sustainability House

Sustainability House Living Learning Community

New for fall of 2024, the Sustainability House is a community that brings together students from a variety of majors and personal backgrounds to live and learn together in shaping a more sustainable future. The community will be located on the fifth floor of east Wadsworth hall, welcoming in 44 first-year students. Residents of this community will have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of distinctive programs, including seminars, immersive field trips, communal dining experiences, volunteer initiatives, and thought-provoking sustainability discussions. Come be a part of this exciting new program!

Shaping Your Michigan Tech Experience

Students gather at a Sustainability Expo on campus
MTU students gather at a Sustainability Expo on campus.

All residents of Sustainability House will be automatically enrolled in a unique section of UN 1010.  This one credit seminar will be a core piece of residents’ fall experience and will count towards their free elective, if needed.

  • 1 credit 1010 seminar focusing on active learning around sustainability
    • Engage with a variety of students and faculty on campus and in the community
    • Take on a project with a positive impact and chart your own path for leadership and involvement at Michigan Tech 
  • Community meals and gatherings
    • Join your housemates in sharing meals made from veggies from Wadsworth garden and local farms
    • Get to know faculty, staff, and community leaders, while discussing important sustainability issues
  • Optional field trips
    • Get outside.  Get active.  Make a difference.  All with your new friends and housemates.

Help Create the Future of Tech

Sustainability students participate in a wide array of activities, such as joining together for an MTU hockey game
The Sustainability House offers a wide array of opportunities to grow, connect with others and participate in volunteer initiatives.

The Sustainability House partners with the Office of Sustainability and Resilience and a wide array of faculty and staff across campus. Students will be able to meet and connect with others in the Husky community who share common goals and interests. In the inaugural 2024-2025 academic year, residents can help shape the long-term vision of the community, including building opportunities and selecting a permanent name for the Living Learning Community.

Together, we will learn and grow this community in the inspiring natural backdrop of the Keweenaw Peninsula and the innovative spirit of Michigan Tech.

If you have a passion for sustainability or someone who wants to take a leadership role within the Husky community, we encourage you to join the Sustainability House Living Learning Community! Students can select the Sustainability Living Learning Community as their community preference within their Roommate Profile and Information in HuskyHouse. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at!