Living Guide —Weapons and Firearms

The possession or storage of any firearm, bow, other dangerous weapon, replica or facsimile firearms, ammunition, or explosive is expressly prohibited in the Residence Halls and Michigan Tech Apartments.

Weapons, firearms, and live ammunition are not permitted in the residence halls (this includes paintball and airsoft equipment). Public Safety and Police Services offers weapons storage within their facility. Weapons must be unloaded when transported into the Public Safety and Police Services building or other designated weapons storage areas. Registration in a physical education course in archery carries automatic registration of the bow and arrows for the purpose of this policy.

If you are utilizing weapon storage at Public Safety and Police Services, they should be the last campus location you visit on your way out, and the first place you visit when you return.

  • To check in your registered weapon
    • Enter weapon information on Banweb such as the make, model, serial number and other weapon information.
    • Print or email the proof of registration.
    • Bring the weapon to Public Safety and Police Services unloaded, safety engaged, and with a trigger lock or chamber block.
  • Storage
    • A valid photo ID is required to check in or remove a registered weapon from a designated weapons storage area.
  • Weapons check-out time: 6 a.m.–8 p.m.
  • Weapons check-in time: 24 hours a day

Knives under three inches are permitted to be on your person and in the residence halls. Residents are also permitted to possess kitchen knives for preparing food as long as these utensils are used in the kitchenette and are stored in your room (we recommend you store it in a lock box). Knives designed primarily for purposes other than kitchen use (such as switchblades, box cutters, or hunting knives) are prohibited from all buildings if over three inches.

For more information please visit the Department of Public Safety and Police Services.

For the complete Board of Trustees Policy, please see the following link:  Board of Trustees Policy 12.7. Weapons Registration