Living Guide —Room Entry

Student in his room, working on his computer.

Authorized University staff may enter student residences when they have information that would cause a reasonable and prudent person to believe that conditions exist which:

  • Represent an immediate threat to the safety, health, or welfare of students
  • Represent an immediate threat to property
  • Represent a violation of University regulations requiring action

Authorized University staff will enter residences at reasonable times to inspect the condition of the premises and furnishings and to perform necessary maintenance and custodial services. Maintenance and custodial services will attempt to contact a resident in the event that they must enter a room for repairs. Authorization to search premises and possessions under conditions not covered above may be granted only by the Director of Residence Education and Housing Services, the Dean of Students, or a designated representative. A reasonable attempt will be made to provide the residents with an opportunity to be present during the search.

Entry of Public Safety and Police Services officers into University residences is governed by state and federal law and not by this policy.

Student Property Removal

In cases involving disciplinary action for the violation of University policies, the residence hall staff has the authority to remove items such as, but not limited to, stereos, candles, weapons, and illegal cooking equipment from resident rooms for a period determined through a disciplinary hearing. All items will be returned at the conclusion of the academic year or earlier. Items not claimed by the end of the academic year will be disposed of. Items confiscated because of violation of University alcohol or illegal drugs policy will be disposed of at the discretion of the University.