Living Guide - Guests and Visitation

Overnight Guests

Residents are permitted to have other students and non-Michigan Tech affiliated individuals as overnight guests any night of the week provided they follow these guidelines:

  • Obtain permission from their roommate(s)
  • Register their guest at the residence hall reception desk
  • Inform their resident assistant (RA)
  • The guest is not staying during a break or finals week. Exceptions can be requested by emailing
  • Contact Transportation Services to obtain a visitor parking permit

Guests must remain with their host at all times. In the interests of health and safety, the University may limit the number of guests permissible at any one time. Guests who have not registered or have stayed more than four consecutive nights without first obtaining permission from Residence Education and Housing Services will be required to vacate the building. Hosts of such guests face possible University judicial sanctions and may be required to pay a nightly rate for their guest’s stay. Hosts will be held responsible for any policy violation and/or damage charges related to their guest’s stay. See the Student Code of Community Conduct for more information. 


Visitation is interpreted as a visit of a relatively short duration. If a resident wishes to host a visitor overnight, they should have their visitors register as guests at the reception desk.

Visiting should not interfere with the rights of roommates and other residents in the hall.

Hosts assume responsibility for their visitor(s) and for adhering to these guidelines. Visitors must be escorted at all times. Violations of the visitation policy will be handled through the existing University disciplinary channels. See the Student Code of Community Conduct for more information.

Individuals present in any residence hall living areas who are not residents of that hall or invited visitors of a resident may be treated as trespassers.

Door to Door Sales and Promotions

Door to door sales and promotions for sale of goods or services, or recruitment of non-Residential Student Organization groups is prohibited.

House government members and members of Residential Student Organizations (WHSA, MHA, DHHC, HPA, NRHH, and IRHC) are permitted to knock on doors and visit common areas to promote their programs and solicit feedback from residents.