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Living Guide —Room Changes

Dorm room

Room Changes

Although roommate assignments are made carefully, it is possible for residents to request a change in their room assignment. In the event that a resident wishes to make any changes to their room assignment, the first point of contact should be their resident assistant (RA). Action on room changes at the beginning of each semester will be delayed for approximately two weeks to determine exact vacancies.

Residents wishing to make a room change must see their resident assistant (RA) to discuss issues and proposed changes. In the event that residents are considering a move due to a conflict, every effort will be made to assist students to resolve their conflict. At the beginning of the academic year, all residents complete a roommate agreement. Roommate agreements help roommates to set ground rules for living with each other. If problems do arise during the year, it is suggested that the roommates revisit the agreement. In the event that the conflict cannot be resolved, the resident assistant will obtain a room swap card from their supervisor. Once approved, a room swap card will be given to the resident and swap procedures will be outlined.