Housing and Residential Life

Living Guide —Pets

For health and sanitation reasons pets are not permitted in the residence halls. The exceptions to this are non-predatory, non-poisonous fish in an aquarium under twenty gallons, if your roommate approves.

This mandate falls in line with Michigan Technological University Board of Trustees Ordinance No. 3 - Control of Pets

Some students may need animals with them on campus and in the residence halls as an accommodation due to a specific disability.  If you believe that you need a service or support animal as an accommodation due to a disability, you will need to contact Disability Services to coordinate your accommodations.  Significant advance notice may be necessary to make proper arrangements.  Housing will work directly with Disability Services to for all approved accommodations.

If you are a student who is allergic to specific animals, you are encouraged to also notify Disability Services regarding your allergies.  Housing will then make every effort to assign students with allergies and students with support or service animals to different locations to minimize exposure.