Residence Education and Housing Services

Living Guide

Community Living Expectations

Rights and responsibilities of living in the Residence Halls

Your rights as a residence hall student include:

  • The right to a clean and healthy living space.
  • The right to work, study, and sleep free from undue interference or noise.
  • The right to privacy and freedom from interference of personal activities.
  • The right to access your room without pressure or intimidation.
  • The right to have your personal belongings respected.
  • The right to be free of any unnecessary emotional distress, discrimination, or harassment (physical, sexual, verbal, etc).
  • The right to have conflicts resolved in a timely fashion.

Your responsibilities as a residence hall student include:

  • To treat others and their belongings with respect and consideration.
  • To respond to all reasonable requests made by fellow community members.
  • To cooperate with Residence Education and Housing Services staff members.
  • To take responsibility for personal and community safety.
  • To take responsibility for your guests and their behavior.
  • To be aware of and abide by Michigan Technological University policies and procedures.
  • To help maintain a clean and healthy living space.

The residence halls at Michigan Technological University are a place to build relationships, learn life skills, and develop your world view. Living on campus brings many benefits. Students are more likely to persist to graduation if they live in residence halls where they build the skills they need to succeed in life beyond college. Residence Education and Housing Services creates learning opportunities that will help students build an inclusive and supportive community. All members will become conscientious, resilient, and prosperous through active engagement in their own progression.

Your living environment plays an important role in your Michigan Tech experience. The residence halls are a great place to live and learn outside of the classroom because we seek to offer opportunities for engagement with peers, workshops, and educational opportunities through our residential student organizations and residential learning model.

As a resident, you have the opportunity to join others in a cooperative community, provided that you live by a few guidelines and treat others with respect and consideration. Through reading this Living Guide, you can learn ways to make your time on campus safe and enjoyable for you and your peers. If you have any questions about the contents of the Living Guide, please ask your resident assistant.