Student Financial Services Center

National Scholars Program

Value: For students who first enrolled at Michigan Tech prior to fall of 2019, values of the National Scholars Award are variable from $7,000 to $13,500 based on academic record. In the spirit of philanthropy some or all of a scholarship may be funded by a generous donor to the university.

Scholarship Annual Award
Scholars of Prominence $13,500
Scholars of Excellence $12,500
Scholars of Distinction $10,000
Scholars of Achievement $7,000

Renewal Criteria: Scholarship recipients must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 at the end of each spring semester.  Continuous, regular full-time undergraduate enrollment (12 credits or more) and acceptable social behavior must also be maintained.  Recipients are required to live in University housing for the first two academic years--four academic semesters (not including summers), to maintain this scholarship.  Students graduating from high schools within Houghton, Keweenaw, and Baraga counties (and have commuter status) are exempt from the on-campus living requirement. Students are eligible for the award for a maximum of eight semesters of undergraduate study.

Exclusion: Students eligible for Institutional general fund awards such as the Alumni Legacy Award or Military Family Education Award are not eligible for a National Scholars Award.  They are, however, eligible for need based aid and/or private scholarship funds.  National Scholars Award recipients who are subsequently classified as Michigan Residents by Michigan Tech in accordance with institutional policy will receive in-state tuition rates and be considered for our in-state Presidential Scholars Award. As a part of this process, the National Scholars Award will be cancelled.