Student Employment

Part-time employment on campus is available through government-funded and University-funded programs.  Students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and indicate they would like to work on campus are automatically considered for work-study employment.

Federal Work-Study Program

This program provides part-time employment funding to students who are US citizens or permanent residents and who have financial need as demonstrated by the FAFSA results.  Not all eligible students are awarded work-study funding due to the limited nature of funding, however, such students may apply for other university-funded student employment.  Work-study funded students must reapply for work-study each year by filing the FAFSA and meeting the Satisfactory Progress Policy requirements.

Students are contacted during the summer with instructions on how to apply for work-study positions via Handshake.  Final approval of work-study assignments is made by the Financial Aid Office.  Students normally work eight hours per week during weeks of class instruction.  The hourly rate paid is equivalent to at least minimum wage.

You can find more information and available position through the Career Services Webpage.

University-Funded Student Employment 

University-funded, on-campus employment is available to students, regardless of need. Students may apply directly to the desired departments. On average, 2,000 to 2,500 students are employed on campus each year. Nearly every department utilizes students as employees. Approximately 65 percent of the student employees are employed within these three areas. You may begin your employment search on our Employment Site.

Off-Campus Employment 

Employment opportunities are also available in the local community. Please see the Career Center postings local jobs for more information.

Summer Internships or Co-op's

Information regarding summer internship and cooperative education programs can be obtained from the University Career Center.  To find information regarding how a co-op will impact your financial aid, go to the Career Services page. Click on the "Co-op" tab and select the "Financial Aid" link located under the "Co-op Links."  If you have any additional questions, contact the Financial Aid Office.