Alumni Legacy Award (ALA)

Established to honor alumni, and in support of the worldwide network of proud Michigan Tech graduates, Legacy Awards provide a unique opportunity for alumni, their children and grandchildren to significantly benefit from their life-long relationships with the Michigan Tech family.

Value: Grants qualified recipients the Michigan resident tuition rate (valued over $20,000 per year).

How to Apply: The University automatically grants this award to all accepted, non-Michigan undergraduate program applicants who are the children or grandchildren of Michigan Tech graduates. Undergraduate students who have applied and been accepted for admission and indicated that a parent or grandparent graduated from Michigan Tech are automatically considered for these awards.

Exclusion:  Recipients of the Alumni Legacy Award are not eligible for other institutional general fund awards such as the National Scholars Program, the Military Family Education Award, the University Student Aid Grant (USA), or the International Ambassador Scholarship.  They are, however, eligible for need based federal aid and/or private scholarship funds.