1.7 Academic Freedom

The Board of Trustees of Michigan Technological University is committed to maintain Michigan Technological University as an institution where both students and faculty are free to pursue scholarship in an open and creative environment. The rights of faculty members to undertake scholarly approaches to their disciplines in accordance with professional standards in the classroom, in the laboratory, and in publications are guaranteed. Likewise, the rights of students to question, without fear of reprisal, the positions and points of view espoused by faculty must be assured. An academic community is a delicate balance of teaching and scholarship in which both suffer when the freedom to pursue either in a fully open manner is compromised.

As a public institution of higher education, Michigan Technological University acknowledges its responsibility to conduct its programs in the public interest. The Board of Trustees expects the University faculty to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity and to act only in ways that will further the mission of the University. In return, the University shall vigorously defend the competence of the faculty to establish the content and direction of their scholarly investigations and presentations in the classroom in accordance with prevailing professional and legal standards and institutional requirements.

This policy specifically relates to academic faculty members; for those holding certain joint appointments, this policy relates to that part of the individuals activities which is that of an academic faculty member. Only projects, the results of which may be published in the public domain, can be undertaken within academic units within the University. (Board of Trustees Bylaws and Policies 6.2, Item 2)


Senate Policy 106.1

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