1. Mission, Vision, General Organization, and Governance

1.1 Mission

As it appears in the Constitution of the State of Michigan, 1964:

The institution established in the Upper Peninsula known as the Michigan College of Mining and Technology, referred to in the constitution of 1963 as the Michigan College of Science and Technology, is continued after January 1, 1964, under the name of Michigan Technological University, and shall be maintained for the purpose and under the regulations contained in this act. The institution shall provide the inhabitants of this state with the means of acquiring a thorough knowledge of the mineral industry in its various phases, and of the application of science to industry, as exemplified by the various engineering courses offered at technological institutions, and shall seek to promote the welfare of the industries of the state, insofar as the funds provided shall permit and the Board of Trustees shall deem advisable.

We deliver action-based undergraduate and graduate education and discover new knowledge through research and innovation. We create solutions for society’s challenges through interdisciplinary education, research, and engagement to advance sustainable economic prosperity, health and safety, ethical conduct, and responsible use of resources. We attract exceptional students, faculty, and staff who understand, develop, apply, manage, and communicate science, engineering, technology, and business to attain the goal of a sustainable, just, and prosperous world. Our success is measured by accomplishments and reputation of our graduates, national and international impact of our research and scholarly activities, and investment in our University.

Interpretation of the Mission: see the current Strategic Plan.

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