Appendix F. Scientific Misconduct Procedures


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Advances in and benefits from science, engineering, and all fields of research and scholarship depend on the reliability of the research record as well as the process of conducting research and publishing results. The entire research enterprise relies on the integrity of researchers in proposing, performing or reviewing research and collecting, analyzing, and reporting research data.

Misconduct in Research, Scholarly and Creative Endeavors (hereafter Misconduct) has consequences for the individual, Michigan Tech, and the entire research enterprise. It can cost researchers, staff and students their careers. It also can do serious harm to the reputation of Michigan Tech. Sustained public trust in the research enterprise requires confidence in the research record and in the processes involved in its ongoing development. Because it violates the public trust, and it is the public that ultimately funds the research enterprise, misconduct can harm the organizations that fund and publish the results of research.

The primary responsibility for maintaining standards of intellectual integrity rests with individual scholars and with the departments in which they work. However, the University as a whole has a major role to play in: (1) providing an environment for open inquiry in which research can be conducted appropriately, (2) declaring the standards that must not be abrogated, and (3) enforcing the standards on those occasions where violations may have occurred. The purpose of this document is to set forth the procedures by which Michigan Tech seeks to maintain and enforce such standards through impartial fact-finding and fair adjudication of allegations of misconduct.

View the Procedures for Responding to Allegations of Misconduct in Research, Scholarly and Creative Endeavors in its entirety. Additional information on reporting and whistleblower protection is available on the Misconduct in Research page.

Senate Procedure 204.1.1

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