Above and Beyond Scholarship

The Enterprise ‘Above and Beyond’ Scholarship is available to eligible undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Enterprise Program at Michigan Technological University. The scholarship is intended to recognize those students whose participation in their Enterprise team goes ‘above and beyond’ the norm.

The Enterprise Program Office will make available up to $2,500 in ‘Above and Beyond’ scholarships for the current academic year. The Enterprise Governing Board will administer the selection process and notify recipients. Scholarship levels are determined as follows:

  • $750 for students who are < 12 credits OR > 18 credits*
  • $300 for students who are taking 12-18 credits**

*The Enterprise Program Office provides $500, and the applicant’s Enterprise team provides $250.
**The Enterprise Program Office provides $150 and the applicant’s Enterprise team provides $150.

Scholarship recipients will be required to pay the tuition up front and can then request reimbursement from the Enterprise Program and their enterprise team any time after the last official drop date of the semester (a list of dates for each semester can be found here).


  1. Applicant is enrolled in ENT4961 and is not using ENT4961 to satisfy any degree requirements, OR
  2. Applicant is enrolled in ENT5950 or ENT5960 and was enrolled in the Enterprise Program as an
    undergraduate student

The Enterprise 'Above and Beyond' Scholarship is offered during both fall and spring semesters. Interested students must complete and submit this application form by 5pm on the Friday of Week 2 of the respective semester they are applying. In order to be considered for the Enterprise 'Above and Beyond' Scholarship students must have their Enterprise advisor complete and submit this recommendation form on their behalf. If the Enterprise Program Office does not receive a recommendation form from the applicant's Enterprise advisor, then that student will not be eligible for consideration for this scholarship.