Black Ford truck donated for The Enterprise Program

Industry Partners

A Unique Opportunity for Your Company

The Enterprise Program is Michigan Tech's answer to private industry's need for graduates who have technical competence and understand the practical application of skills and knowledge. We work with you to successfully match your project or idea to the appropriate Enterprise team.

As a partner or sponsor your benefits include:

  • A fresh look at your industry's challenges and potential solutions--through the eyes of an unbiased team
  • Access to unique facilities and faculty expertise
  • Exposure to the latest tools, techniques, and theory from a premier institution
  • Firsthand observation of your future workforce
  • Network with talented students with strong technical and business skills

Looking for Creative, Forward-Thinking Partners

The success of the Enterprise Program relies heavily on the support of industry, and Michigan Tech seeks creative and forward-thinking partners to help set a new standard for engineering education by making the following commitments:

  • Invest in hands-on, project-based learning and become an Enterprise sponsor. Sponsorship opportunities are flexible and range from unrestricted donations to multi-year partnership agreements
  • Define projects of interest and relevance to your industry
  • Identify professionals in your organizations to serve as both mentors and clients
  • Interact with tomorrow's engineers and leaders through email, tele/video conferencing, and face-to-face meetings
  • Provide access to materials, test equipment, or processing facilities not available on campus
  • Discover the many benefits that result when industry and academia partner to deliver a world-class educational experience that prepares students for successful careers

Additional Ways You Can Support Enterprise

  • Deliver a workshop, lecture, or information
  • Volunteer as a team mentor
  • Donate needed materials, equipment, supplies
  • Visit campus for 'meet and greet' opportunities with our students
  • Provide input towards continuous improvements efforts and new course development
  • Attend year-end presentations and serve as a judge at the Undergraduate Expo